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    Is this the only time a referee awards a pen with a question...... Blows whistle.... Points to the spot and shouts.....‘Penalty, Waikiki??‘ 👍 You do seem to have an active bunch on such a small island, well done on protecting your reputation to say what you see and have the cahoonas to give...
  2. Sheffields Finest

    Just Starting Out!

    Their would be 2 schools of thought, the newer refs, just started out maybe last season, can give great current advice on their findings doing exactly the same path and secondly the 'older' refs on here have probably forgot what happened 10-20 years ago and its probably changed now anyway, so...
  3. Sheffields Finest

    Aussie A-League ref transfers to England

    Maybe @Mintyref and I could be drafted across the world to the rescue. Seems you're a little short Down Under... @Mintyref will work for vegimite sandwiches!!! I'm sure @CapnBloodbeard could make the butties!!
  4. Sheffields Finest

    12 v 11 Had to happen!!
  5. Sheffields Finest

    Just Starting Out!

    Don’t isolate yourself in being timid with the players and managers, act confident, (even if you’re not). Learn some good comebacks to the standard stuff, push in the back, he’s all over me, offside etc. Learn who can be a friend on the pitch, it may not be the captain, the sensible one, get...
  6. Sheffields Finest

    Aussie A-League ref transfers to England Only 33, good age for a long career!!!
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    How About A Nice (Refereeing) Limerick?

    The incredible Referreing Wizard from Oz, Retired from his business becoz. Due to lots of sniggers From most of the diggers He wasn't quite the Wizard he woz! 😂
  8. Sheffields Finest

    Just Starting Out!

    He can’t help himself! 😂
  9. Sheffields Finest

    Severity of Foul

    Play on, if you thought it was a foul you’d of dealt with it, you didn’t so move on! Keep it upstairs though for the next one that you do think was worthy of a chat or worse!
  10. Sheffields Finest

    Jansson red

    Rusty will remember John Fashanu being sent off flat on his back on a stretcher at Hillsborough a good few years back. Not ideal but it was his foul that caused his injury!
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    Its snowing

    Not snow related but last night I was driving up the A19 near Middlesbrough and came across a massive smoke plume. As I got closer it became apparent that a lorry was on fire under a bridge. I had seconds to make a decision to boot it to get through on the inside. Those that didn’t or couldn’t...
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    Its snowing

    Light snow in North Manchester tonight, the tops were covered over near Blackburn and the Snakes shut. Welcome to the UK in Winter!!
  13. Sheffields Finest

    Its snowing

    @JamesL its -15 in Sheffield!! :cool::stig::poop: +4 in Leeds!!
  14. Sheffields Finest

    Absolutely Pathetic!!

    The actions were blurred by an outside interference!
  15. Sheffields Finest

    Second yellow during one advantage?

    Stop playing FIFA and get a girlfriend! ❤️ Great call by Cskir though!
  16. Sheffields Finest

    Minimum observations and games for promotion and de-motion

    Or you’re old! 🏃‍♂️ And the legs don’t work like they used to before..... 🎵🎶🎵🎶
  17. Sheffields Finest

    Penalty or no?

    Play on... great call! 😂
  18. Sheffields Finest

    How About A Nice (Refereeing) Limerick?

    Falkirk's Finest Supporter (FFS) has 100% got this....He thought that Refereeing Limerick was Eire Away!!!
  19. Sheffields Finest

    How About A Nice (Refereeing) Limerick?

    There was an old gal from Kiev Who thought she was sleeping with Kes But it was not The Almighty With his hand up her nightie It was Vladimir the lodger, the sod! ;)
  20. Sheffields Finest

    After Rough Game

    I was the go-to ref for such games so they became the norm for me. My card count was initially quite high, but fell substantially as we all understood what was going to happen should they play up. I had my habitual offenders but it became funny later as they get actually tried to behave, sadly...