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  1. santa sangria

    red-yellow-no card

    I think he missed the ball because of the ”challenge” - it’s evasive action that maybe saves worse contact...
  2. santa sangria

    Severity of Foul

    Contradiction here though with a strong successful challenge that was legal that you did not penalize. In this case I’m much more likely to comment quickly to the first opposition player I get eye contact or whose mouth opens ”OK for me, just, keep it clean” or something like that, because...
  3. santa sangria

    Off the Ball

    Follow up to you with #1... were you aware of anything happening before between the players... could you identify a foul, contact, decision, passsge of play that might have sparked it... could’ve been many mins before...?
  4. santa sangria

    Off the Ball

    On #1 I’m with the G-man. You need to choose a direct free kick unless you have seen two players commit exactly the same offence at exactly the same time - which essentially does not happen in the real world. It’s rock and hard place. I’ve made the ”error” of giving IDFK here and it doesn’t...
  5. santa sangria

    Off the Ball

    Thanks for the reminder;)
  6. santa sangria

    Penalty or no?

    I strongly disagree. The attacker has got in quick, has precious little idea where the ball is going to go, but it doesn't matter, the keeper is late and fouls him. Easy pen at any level. But utterly dismal VAR protocol, what is the ref doing watching a screen, it's embarrassing for everyone...
  7. santa sangria

    red-yellow-no card

    It looks really bad in slo mo, like no attempt to play the ball, and a cynical attempt to injure, with the attacker pulling out to try to mitigate and missing the ball... but that's slo mo... I'd understand red but yellow seems easier
  8. santa sangria

    Its snowing

    -19 this morning!
  9. santa sangria

    Why don’t we learn from rugby?

    It starts at the top with the televised games. If we had a premier league season with zero tolerance we’d be able to crush abusive verbals by xmas.
  10. santa sangria

    Salah dive

    I think Salah deserved a booking for diving yesterday. It was an amazing game. We were so lucky to win. It was a stupid dive and he should have been punished.
  11. santa sangria

    Too old to take the referee course ???

    Extra training programs (country-specific)
  12. santa sangria

    Too old to take the referee course ???

    As hinted above, round my way, if you are athletic, bright and early 20s, you will get a lot of opportunities.
  13. santa sangria

    Pool Palace

    Moss warns Speroni about time wasting after only 20 minutes at a corner. Immediately after this Speroni takes 14 seconds with a kick from the hands. We do definitely have a problem with this law.
  14. santa sangria

    10 year challenge!

    That’s amazing from Bournemouth. And Brighton especially given all the ground stuff. Someone needs to buy Newcastle now while Rafa is still there. Give him 300 mil to crash the top 6!
  15. santa sangria

    PL Referees £s

    I think top flight refs should get substantially more pay because of the exposure, responsibility, risk and expertise involved in doing the job and ”the value of the product/service” they contribute to. We/they don’t have bargaining power though. We/they will always be scapegoats, the game...
  16. santa sangria

    Saints v Spied on Derby

    At the world cup, to deal with those moments (the pulling and hand balls we debated so much on here) they had the best referee in history (arguably) leading, supported by the best group of mentor/organizer refs ever assembled, they had the best refs in the world (give or take), lots of the...
  17. santa sangria


    Top tip I got is to act on the first dissent, doesn’t necessarily mean a card, could be one player, or low level with a few players. At the first low level dissent, get the player, give warning, cut the grass - makes it much easier for you to act next time, either by cutting someone off before...
  18. santa sangria

    Over Aggressive Refereeing

    I’ve got one colleague a bit like this. He was AR and I ask them not to get into long debates with players. 10 mins in and he’s on the field, in the box, standing over a prone player, shouting and pointing. It’s funny once. But in a 3 (or two in futsal) not so much. We have a system where you...
  19. santa sangria

    Too old to take the referee course ???

    Do it! I started at 39, now 45. I don’t want to say it’s changed my life, but it’s changed my life. Working with, learning from, competing with 17-60 year olds from all backgrounds has been an important part of it. That said, it’s not easy at any age, and it’s not the same kind of fun or...
  20. santa sangria

    Attempt to block, offence?

    Silver lining... even though the debate around this incident ended with me alone hoisted petard etc. in the face of the divine wisdom of not one but four of my referee gurus... someone must have like the cut of my whinging jib because I have been given a plumb game in two weeks. It's off season...