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    Step 1 & National Group - Merger

    It'll be interesting to see if there are any rule changes for level 3's. In previous years if you were promoted to the National Group (EFL) as an AR you'd have to stop refereeing or choose to give up your position as a National Group AR. Will those being promoted from Step 2 as an AR to the new...
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    New 2026 Kit

    Just because the PGMOL kit is changing (For PGMOL officials) doesn't mean those at step 2-6 and grassroots has to change
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    Step 1 & National Group - Merger

    More info... SG1 (Premier League) SG2 (Championship) National Group - (EFL 1, EFL 2, National League Premier, Premier League 2), Referees will be classed as Level 1. With AR's classed as Level 3D. Level 2 - (National League North/South) ---- Level 2A/2B and Level 3E AR's to become defunct...
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    Step 1 & National Group - Merger

    According to an email sent by PGMOL, Step 1 (National League Premier, Premier League 2) and National Group (EFL 1 & EFL2) are merging for the 2024/25 season for referees and assistant referees. Interesting move by the FA/PGMOL. Delight for Step 1 officials and disappointing for current National...
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    Wheely Bag

    I’ve recently bought one from A&H. Similar to the Nike Roller - https://referee-equipment.com/products/a-h-roller-bag
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    Level 4 Observations/Merit Tables

    This does appear a bit daft. As it’s not going to affect assessment day results.
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    Another buzzer flag thread...

    Much prefer Touchline’s as an AR
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    Level 4 Observations/Merit Tables

    I know it won’t mean much, but a lad off our pool got promoted from 3 observations last January for mid-season from 4 to 3. It’s possible
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    Level 4 Observations/Merit Tables

    Has anyone had their weighted table yet via email?
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    Level 4 Observations/Merit Tables

    Update in our L4 group chat “The data should be working as intended and we will be sending comms next week to this affect (albeit with a caveat to explain the annual MT will be weighted owing to the change in average marks across the calendar year)”
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    Level 4 Observations/Merit Tables

    Hi all, The FA were suppose to be introducing an algorithm to balance observer marks carried over from the 2022/23 season (Jan-May) for the 2023 annual merit table. Has anyone had an update on this? I’ve tried emailing to no joy. All of my 5 observations were between Jan-May for the 2023...
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    A&H International

    Mine arrived on Friday morning. I had a set a few years ago that broke - so I have something to compare to (Albeit to the 2015/16 model HA). They're exactly the same. I did wonder why there was no manual/user guide with the new set, but I was pointed to a PDF link on the website. So happy days.