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  1. El__Juez__

    New kit - which badge?!

    which newly formed referee shop?
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    What do you write?

    or here - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/283519788277?chn=ps&_ul=GB&mkevt=1&mkcid=28
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    What do you write?

  4. El__Juez__

    Wholegame reports for every game?

    i only do it so it becomes part of my routine
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    Dissent tolerance levels

    thanks everyone for the response, they are very helpful
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    Dissent tolerance levels

    I believe my tolerance levels for dissent are too high. I'm therefore re-evaluating. Give me an example of an incident that led to you sin binning/ cautioning for dissent.
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    Sin bins

    you are correct.
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    Sin bins

    Was watching a local step 5 league game in Thurlow Nunn south and the referee (following multiple incidents of being surrounded by players) issued a yellow card to one for what must have been dissent and pointed to the sideline. Player said no sin bins and was allowed to stay on. Referee didn’t...
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    Persistent infringement or Foul tackle

    with hesitation - development football (mini-soccer) without hesitation - post development football. So u12 +.
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    Back pass query

    you mean goal area line (6 yard box) if it took place within the goal area.
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    Wealdstone v York DOGSO

    Few is more than 2 but less than…..?
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    Wealdstone v York DOGSO

    Interesting. There is 5 seconds between pull and ref blowing. In my opinion the advantage period is over.
  13. El__Juez__

    Wealdstone v York DOGSO

    8 mins to go, 1-1, advantage has to be played there and then YC for defender. There would have been uproar if ref had blown straight away with player through on goal and still on his feet, even if that did result in red.
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    Removing old FAMOA decals

    the black patch over the top and then county badge on top looks awful IMO (well it does on mine!)
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    Sweden USA USA

    Can the keeper touch the ball twice in an attempt to save the ball from entering the goal during a penalty shootout?
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    Pre match stud and jewellery check for adults?

    Good luck and let us know how it goes
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    i'm afraid this is just lazy policing. Perhaps said PC needs to be reminded of section 4 Public Order Act or at the very least section 5 Public Order Act. Hopefully, in the absence of police action, the County FA will investigate and follow up. This intimidating behaviour needs to be dealt...
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    Report to the County FA too in case the club bury it
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    Should I have given the goal?

    What was the reason you awarded a free kick? Did you ‘signal’ that it was indirect by raising your arm? If not, the kick can be retaken. Can you then say it’s direct? Probably not.