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    Netherlands vs France

    Agree the decision looks like it has to be backed. I do hope that happens and they make it known - it would be good to shut a few of the idiot pundits up. Where was Christina when we needed her ?!
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    Tossing of the Coin

    Letting it land on the floor can also be a problem if the playing surface is not great. Really don't need a retoss or worse an argument about which way up it landed before weve even kicked off.
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    Pre-Season Training

    Don't panic ! I did my ACL in my 30s. Still going strong at L3 nearer 60 than 50 and doing plenty of other physically demanding sport. Just need to be smart in avoiding too much of the stuff that wears down the vulnerable bits - in my case my knee and my lower back - and making adjustments...
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    Pre-Season Training

    I sympathise. Challenges with knees are pretty much par for the course as you age. I have what sounds like similar issues with wear and tear on the meniscus in one knee in particular - mine stem mainly from an ACL reconstruction many moons ago in my playing days. I had particular problems a...
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    Referee howler

    I'm sure we've all had that sinking feeling when you know you've dropped one and there is no good way out ..... I think the overarching principle has to be to prioritise being be correct in Law and then own the mistake and apologise for it. 'Sorry I screwed up and blew too quickly lads. My...
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    Promotions - Season Ending 2024

    Much smaller promotion lists than this time last year at 4, 3 and 2b. Just looked back : 2b - 2a This year 3, last year 10 3 - 2b This year 10, last year 25 4 - 3 This year 33, last year 60 We'll never know how many reclassifications there have been at each level, but I think a fair guess...
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    Promotions - Season Ending 2024

    Back to the current year process. Given lack of timetable from FA (not sure why by the way) from looking at this thread am I right in assuming 1. Automatic promotions out 2. Assessment day invites out 3. Reclassification emails out Only people who have heard nothing are this staying where...
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    Promotions - Season Ending 2024

    'Positive discrimination' is an oxymoron and in its literal sense is usually illegal, because it replaces merit based assessment by favouring someone based on a protected characteristic. It makes no difference if the favouritism is towards a group who might have been historically disadvantaged...
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    Open Age Overturning AR decision

    Indeed - it's a perfect invitation to have a go at the officiating team ! What that also means in practice is that the wise decision is sometimes not to overrule your AR, even if they are wrong. Not saying that's the case in this example, but there are situations where that will give you a...
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    Worth Appealing?

    Like you, I've never appealed a report. However I am pretty sure the criteria are as @RefereeX states. I do know you need to use this link, because I bookmarked it in the unlikely event I did ever feel the need. I also think you have to do it within 7 days...
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    Only at a restart and then context is everything. Demand a player gets on and takes a throw-in when his team mate is doing up his laces early in the game and there is no reason for them to be time-wasting and you look too busy and lacking empathy Stop a team taking a throw-in whilst an...
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    Punishment for persistent foul language (not OFFINABUS)

    It's a difficult one - in early days of parks football, I remember a couple of games where the club had problems with locals complaining about language, but I can't remember teams trying to be anything other than co-operative when it was pointed out. More recently, I have had a couple of...
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    Arsenal v Bayern

    Just for balance, a bit of spot on punditry from Steve Sidwell https://www.skysports.com/football/video/16429/13111863/penalty-controversy-sidwell-reacts-to-chaotic-arsenal-bayern-ending
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    WOL Vs WHU

    I do think the interpretation of the Law needs a clarification. I think we need to know which test to apply. Logically, I think there could be be two interpretations of 'preventing an opponent from playing or being able to play the ball' 1. The test is strictly whether the player could have...
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    WOL Vs WHU

    That's my point - you could read it that way. However, it doesn't work literally without a qualification. What if the player whose line of vision was obstructed was a defender 20 yards away ? Common sense says it only applies where the opponent had some chance of playing the ball, but that...
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    Rainbow Laces

    Wearing rainbow laces by definition has nothing to do with bias in the way a referee officiates. In that sense, it's just a non-issue. Is it problematic as a political statement ? I think 99% of people see wearing rainbow laces as simply showing support for inclusivity, not an endorsement of...
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    WOL Vs WHU

    @socal lurker and @JamesL I have sympathy with both points of view. If you just look at the diagram, you would say this 'must be' penalised. If you just read the text of the Law as a piece of English language..... 'preventing an opponent from playing or being able to play the ball by clearly...
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    Clear cut penalty for me. If Lamptey gets the ball cleanly and there is unavoidable contact afterwards there is a discussion to be had. In this case his slight touch on the ball is incidental to the main event, which is the trip.
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    Level 4 - What Happens?

    I think we make a mistake if we conflate a hobby with a job. Before I started officiating, I played for a while at a similar level. Whilst some clubs and a few players earn silly money, most in the middle to lower reaches of the NLS would have a similar equation on time spent to money earned...
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    Level 4 - What Happens?

    The L4 experience also varies across the country - not the AR bit, where you will do Step 3 and 4 lines wherever you are. Middles look very different In some parts of the South East, you will only do Step 5, but just on one league so you see the same teams over and over again. At the other...