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    Spain/Croatia (Oliver)

    Maybe he deserved it. I would respectfully disagree with it being deemed as ‘challenging for the ball’. from the defenders position has he any possibility of making contact with the ball, not even close.
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    Spain/Croatia (Oliver)

    DENYING A GOAL OR AN OBVIOUS GOAL-SCORING OPPORTUNITY (DOGSO) Where a player commits an offence against an opponent within their own penalty area which denies an opponent an obvious goal-scoring opportunity and the referee awards a penalty kick, the offender is cautioned if the offence was an...
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    Spain/Croatia (Oliver)

    I personally think it was a red card and a penalty. Once the penalty was given, as per law 12 if there isn’t a possibly to play the ball it should be a red card. I can see why a caution came out but would expect VAR to intervene?
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    Level 4 development day

    It’s only at Warwick and the 3 dates were offered (with at least one being fully booked). 29/30th of June and 1 in July the 7th.
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    Goal frames

    I was an assistant referee in a junior cup final many years ago and the striker went through one on one at approx a 45 degree angle (corner of the box) with the goalkeeper and shot, the result shot went directly in the goal and bounced out off the diagonal bar between the post and back support...
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    Promotions - Season Ending 2024

    Level 4 confirmed :)
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    Watford vs Sunderland

    So I would agree I was incorrect to use the word requirement but I stand by my decision of a caution for this example along with the vast majority for this scenario. Yes the 4 considerations won’t cover every scenario but I would argue when the ones they don’t cover it would be in a vast...
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    Watford vs Sunderland

    The threshold being met for all four criteria in the opinion of the referee is the requirement. We know there is no defined distance / number of defenders but we are trained to make these judgements.
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    Watford vs Sunderland

    The 4 criteria must be considered and if either of those don’t meet the threshold then a DOGSO isn’t penalized. So effectively the considerations are requirements.
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    Watford vs Sunderland

    The wording in the laws of the game say ‘the following MUST be considered’ therefore these considerations are used to make up my decision. As for the actual handball offense he’s actually in the opponents half of the field. The last few seconds of the clip shows the ball is curling away from...
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    Watford vs Sunderland

    Easy, it’s a caution. Red would be rescinded and you’d get a low mark of the observer! But yeh doesn’t meet requirements for dogso
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    Level 4 - What Happens?

    Even worse up north, AR £30 and L4 £40 plus 40ppm expenses.
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    playing advantage then issuing a straight red for SFP

    I wouldn’t play advantage for SFP unless it was in the box about to score… Do we all think in the above clip it is SFP or just reckless? I think the referee thinks it’s a reckless tackle initially….
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    Players taking a drinks break

    From a match control view I would suggest you give a loud whistle and say ‘let’s go fellas’ . While standing on the free kick. Once they move back to position move into your position while telling kick taker on my whistle pal.
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    Then this would be a back pass and a IFK awarded.
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    Dutch Referee Blog - Week 10 Laws of the Game Quiz 2023-2024

    For me it’s a clear penalty, you can’t make a high studs showing challenge into the front of the attacker. He’s caught him high up on the shin. As a minimum I’d be going reckless. I must admit it’s did take the replays for me to come to this conclusion.
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    Timekeeping Error

    I answered this incorrectly in the quiz. I don’t agree with the correct answer and it doesn’t state how long of the half time interval has lapsed. The things that stand out to me is that it should be two equal half’s and half time interval should not exceed 15 minutes. The correct answer in...
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    Bishop's Stortford FC v Spennymoor Town FC

    For me it’s not at the threshold for SFP, I’d go with reckless. The referee made a decent recovery sprint but didn’t get any angle on it.
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    Bishop's Stortford FC v Spennymoor Town FC

    Feels like it should be a red on first viewing but I agree looking at the dogso criteria particularly the defenders and control would not hit the threshold despite the direction and distance criteria being met. Caution is correct, I think most players / spectators would be expect a red.
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    County cup final appointment

    In my area is seems county league / step 7 leagues dish out cup final appointments based on club marks. The county cup finals will probably be a mixture of county participation, such as county cup availability, county cup games completed, event participation such as core and probably successful...