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  1. lincs22

    Bel v Svk

    unfortunately, the way the game is going any hand contact will be a free-kick; same as in hockey where any foot contact is a free-hit. I don't agree, but this is what TV and VAR are bring to the game.
  2. lincs22

    Promotion Scheme U-Turn

    There are no Step 5/6 clubs within 20 miles of York. We are in a NLS backspot. Other York City, the next highest club in the NLS is our step 7 league, which doesn't have NAR. The York Ref Sec is seeing some of his promotion candidates leaving and having less coverage on matches.
  3. lincs22

    Promotion Scheme U-Turn

    As the quality of assistants on L4 from the younger referees is terrible, this is needed. Some L4 will have done only 10-15 lines when they get L4 and therefore being AR on Step 3/4 matches and are quickly being found out and dropping the referee in it.
  4. lincs22

    Promotion Scheme U-Turn

    Yes, they have realised that a lot of L5 referees have got their doing little adult football (doing U19 mainly). These referees are underprepared for 5-4 promotion matches, thus wasting observer resources on candidates which won't make it, The 5 AR matches will be a challenge in some parts of...
  5. lincs22

    BBC article - Ex pro's wanting to be referees

    Ex pro's wanting to be referees How many will stay and be interested after 18 months of it???? AND discuss
  6. lincs22

    Step 1 & National Group - Merger

    This, I think is great development. With National League (being a single division) and its standard, the ability to move referees between them with be great. No longer is there the huge step up from L2A to the National Group. also, with them being not Full time referees, gives greater clubs...
  7. lincs22

    Dutch FA Rule Change Proposals

    We had kick-ins in the 1990's in (I think) the equivalent of (what is now) the Step 3/4 for a couple of season, as a trial. Trial in Isthmian League Not a huge success, but throws from just inside the opposition half, became a huge punt into the box - and being a "throw-in", no offside; so the...
  8. lincs22

    Coach fake name

    Yes, you did. For your knowledge, the CFA will contact the club with the fine and once they find out it is a false name (never assume it is), they will charge him / the club with a further offence - which produces a nice additional fine for them. If they want to be a plonker, they will pay for...
  9. lincs22

    First game yesterday - felt like walking away

    @mattg2492 - what a way to start your refereeing career. Sorry to hear about it, but you already have the "things can only get better" attitude. First thing I would do is to analyse your own performance and write it down. getting it on paper, does lead to to focus on where you can improve (and...
  10. lincs22

    Clear daylight offside

    But the managers and fans would stop moaning about bad offside decisions…. They would just complain about bad football, which is the managers fault not the referees!!!
  11. lincs22

    Clear daylight offside

    So, a novel approach - lets just abolish offside !!!! 🤯 🤯 🤯 🤯 🤯 Stops high line defending, thus creating more space for the midfield players. Stop VAR reviews Creates more attacking football, as the ball will be lumped into the opponents penalty area more. It would be a little like...
  12. lincs22

    Thinking of throwing in the towel

    @MDempster - I will start with Well Done, You sound like you dealt with what was in front of you and abandoned at exactly the right time. The only suggestions would be "could you have sin-binned one of the players after the blue players dismissal?". Did the keeper come or ???., as that would...
  13. lincs22

    Dissent without caution?

    The correct long answer is Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 🤯
  14. lincs22

    So should VAR be abolished in the EPL?

    I know there is discussion thread on here, but it would be interesting to take a simple poll as to whether the EPL will abolish VAR and should they abolish VAR Votes please - they will make no difference the actual outcome.....
  15. lincs22

    Conflict Of Interest - Opinions

    Hi, As I suspect that the league was at Step 7 or below, you may well be out of time to complain to the league. The Standard code of rules requires the compliant to be made within 7 days of the match (with all supporting data). But as others have said, the referee is the sole judge of time...
  16. lincs22

    Can I use a long sleeve undergarment under a short sleeve referee shirt?

    NO, you don't.... Go to Grimsby in the winter and 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶
  17. lincs22

    Law Changes from July 2024

    They don’t think about the future, they think what is trendy and the stars are wearing. They think the club will look after them if they are injured
  18. lincs22

    Fast tracking

    No, we won't close. 3 months is about the time limit for threads
  19. lincs22

    PIADM and threshold

    The answer to any player who complains is "if he taken the man, he would have got a Red Card. So, just accept the free-kick for the tackle, as his tackles needs to be eliminated from the game".
  20. lincs22

    The end of the road?

    @Matthew Looking back on my life, I only have one real regret which was quitting refereeing in the mid-90's. Wasn't enjoying, but then became involved in a club and lost the enthusiasm for local football. Now, I wished I had taken a few months off and then gone again. Think about it over the...