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  1. Will_A

    Law Changes from July 2024

    If non-deliberate handballs are to be treated as any other foul, this would that denial of a goal/goal scoring opportunity is still a red card. DOGSO doesn't have to be a deliberate action. I'd say 90% of fouls are accidental either the player trying to win the ball.
  2. Will_A

    Arsenal v Bayern

    Different viewpoint from a Senior colleague (also happens to officiate at an elite level): "more a case of excellent tactical awareness / understanding. In this game, Arsenal had taken every short goal kick with a defender passing the ball to the GK, after the GK had provided the ball to the...
  3. Will_A

    What's the decision?

    This happened in a Senior County Cup game mid week down in Cornwall. What's your decision in terms of offence, sanction and restart of play? https://www.facebook.com/share/v/bCUMLCdSSwEMm5JS/
  4. Will_A

    Stepping back/taking a break from refereeing

    Sabbatical granted from Peter Elsworth 🙌
  5. Will_A

    MNC vs CHE red card Greenwood

    We had the privilege of Emily appearing as a guest speaker during one of our CPD sessions last season and she mentioned that she'd played professionally for Watford I believe.
  6. Will_A

    Stepping back/taking a break from refereeing

    Over the last 12 months I've found refereeing becoming more and more unenjoyable. I've had some struggles with mental health that have been exacerbated by ever declining participant behaviour. It's now reached the stage where I've formally stepped away from refereeing step 5/6 football for the...
  7. Will_A

    MNC vs CHE red card Greenwood

    The referee, Emily Heaslip, is a former professional player who played in the women's Championship and the WSL! Kind of puts that argument to bed 😂
  8. Will_A

    Are referees adequately represented?

    We're already liable for tax on any match fees received.
  9. Will_A

    Sheffield Utd V Newcastle

    Could you direct me to where I might find this in the good book please?
  10. Will_A

    West Ham v Manchester City

    So my £200 a month council tax goes straight into your pocket... 😂
  11. Will_A

    Severe calf cramps

    Day 4 and I can walk again. Turns out resting wasn't the thing, spent yesterday forcing myself to walk around the house and it's loosened up the muscles, much better today!
  12. Will_A

    Severe calf cramps

    It was definitely cramp during the game, its the aftermath that I've not experienced before. Really tender to touch, can't massage it yet as it's too painful to put any pressure on it! Improvement today though, no sitting down allowed, lots of gentle stretching and walking! Hoping it's improved...
  13. Will_A

    Severe calf cramps

    I had a game on Wednesday night and after about 60mins both calves started to cramp up whenever I tried to sprint. Got through the remaining 30mins and 10mins of stoppages 😒. Thursday wasn't too bad, the usual aches and pains after a game just about 10% more painful. However, Friday and this...
  14. Will_A

    National League North / South Line

    I tried to email the bloke who sent the original email out. Auto reply to say he's left his job with the FA... 🤦‍♂️
  15. Will_A

    Shin Pads?

    Had a player with micro pads yesterday. As James says, check they're actually there and then crack on. They pose no safety risk to other participants, just the idiot who wears them.
  16. Will_A

    MOAS Observer reports

    Found him!
  17. Will_A

    Newcastle v Liverpool

    You a Liverpool fan by any chance? I've seen plenty of tripe about the decisions online but it is exclusively from Liverpool fans.
  18. Will_A

    Newcastle v Liverpool

    We're not all as good as he *thinks he is 😜
  19. Will_A

    Free kit

    Indeed. However, another local ref got his kit and his surname starts with S! 🤷‍♂️
  20. Will_A

    Free kit

    My kit arrived today 👌