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    World Cup Posts - Please Read

    As moderators were are getting thoroughly fed up of having to close threads due to the actions of just a few members who don't respect each other. As a result other members are missing out on the opportunity to post on topics as they have already spiralled out of control and been closed. This...
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    Video Assistant Referees (VAR)

    Given that people couldn't play properly in the Liverpool vs West Brom thread and got it closed, I thought I'd open a dedicated VAR thread based on recent experience. WARNING: This one stays on topic. Anyone deliberately taking it off topic will face sanctions, so don't do it Personally I...
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    Open Age One of those games

    Not really had many lively games recently, but all changed this morning. 2nd minute I become aware of a kerfuffle between defender and striker as the ball is out of play, thought I'd sorted it all out after talking to them. 30 seconds later as ball is in play I realise they are at it again, so...
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    Germany vs Cameroon - Another VAR goof up

    There has just been a total mess in Germany vs Cameroon. The Cameroon number 2 made a bad foul, for which the number 15 was cautioned. The referee then comes over to the screen, so everyone assumed it was to correct the mistaken identity, he runs back over, makes the TV sign, then shows the 15...
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    VAR - Mexico vs New Zealand

    It has descended to a whole new level tonight. Hardly anything happened in the game, then in stoppage time a New Zealand player gets pulled back and, seemingly in retaliation launches into an awful two footed tackle. This leads to what can only be described as a brawl, with at least three...
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    Best Assistant Referee Signalling Ever ....

    Can't remember if this has been posted on here before, so having seen it again somewhere else I thought I'd pop it up. What on earth is going through his mind ...?!