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  1. ChasObserverRefDeveloper

    Any help appreciated

    Before tbe local course, you will also need to complete the Safeguarding for All online learning - the Referee section of your County FA website should include a link to it, but if not The FA.com website has the link. Enjoy the course, and welcome to the club👍
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    How to get match coach reports

    There must be someone in your parent county responsible for appointing MDC's and 5>4 observations. Is there a contact name on the website?
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    BVB Vs RB Leipzig

    No attempt to play the ball or challenge for it, so red card.
  4. ChasObserverRefDeveloper

    Offside Law 11

    I agree - I was commenting on this OP scenario in response to a question. The law was changed in part because it previously mentioned the goalkeeper making a save, now extended to all players, plus as you say the inclusion of a shot that may have entered the goal.
  5. ChasObserverRefDeveloper

    New Scottish FA Referee

    The system in Scotland was dropped in England some years ago, because it sent learners into battle without ever blowing a whistle, knowing where to be at any time in the game, working with club assistants, what to do about nuisance spectators, how to get appointments, etc All courses in England...
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    JPL cup game

    Contact the Appointments Secretary before the game, as appointments need to be registered to protect the referee in case of any problems.
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    Offside Law 11

    As per earlier message, needs to be going into or very near to the goal (Law 11). In this case, the goalkeeper was in position to save.
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    Offside Law 11

    It does not appear to meet the criteria for a "save", i.e. going into or very near the goal - the defender was at the front of the penalty area.
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    Angry parent

    My son and daughter second that emotion😁
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    How to get match coach reports

    Sorry to hear that. The County RDO should be arranging the Match Day Coach visits for you, so ask again (with upcoming match details if available)
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    Angry parent

    If the parent disrupts your match, the home team manager/coach needs to be left to manage the situation while you keep the players safe on the f. o. p. If necessary take the players to safety (dressing room if available) while it is sorted. Abandon as a last resort.
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    How to get match coach reports

    Ask your County FA Referee Development Officer to arrange Match Day Coach visits. When you reach 16 you will be a Level 7, whether or not you get L2 in the meantime.
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    Level Four - go for it or no?

    Our local Step 5/6 League mandates team sheets to be handed to the referee an hour before the scheduled kick off time, and match officials to arrive no later than 90 minutes before kick off, which all appears sensible. Most referees ask their AR's to arrive around 1.15 for a 3.00 start, and...
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    Level Four - go for it or no?

    The FA recommended instructions for NAR's and for CAR's are available on www.thefa.com
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    Discriminatory comment allegation

    The process is usually quick in discrimination allegation cases; once the charge is processed, will depend on the response from the player and the club.
  16. ChasObserverRefDeveloper

    Discriminatory comment allegation

    Done as per protocol - well done. You may consider e-mailing the Competition Secretary or Refetees Appointments person at the CFA also, just as a courtesy. I have observed at two games where this has occurred. Always difficult to handle as conflicting stories are heard.
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    Pushing and shoving at set plays

    For tbe first corner at each end, look for any holding/impeding/pushing before the kick. Big whistle, walk a few metres towards the goal area, call loudly "I'm watching you two, cut it out or there will be a penalty or free kick" Before whistling for the kick to be taken, "Arms down!" then...
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    Sin Bins in Top Flight

    Or a sweepstake as to which levels use sin bins.
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    Level 4 Observations/Merit Tables

    Observer appointments start with the later weeks (e. g. 23 and 30 December) then dates from the beginning of the month after the late ones are done. At lunchtime today I got mine for the next three weeks, having already received a 23 December one last Friday.
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    Notts Forest Vs Brighton

    Potentially an appeal, so may be a couple of days before they do that.