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  1. joe cunningham

    18/19 kit

    Anybody got any pictures of what next seasons kit might look like yet?
  2. joe cunningham

    7-6 first observation

    Hi all, Just a quick one. I've got my first 7-6 observation tomorrow. Just want to ask what the assessor will be looking for? Thanks Joe
  3. joe cunningham

    Cardiff Super Cup

    Anybody doing the above tournament?
  4. joe cunningham

    First pre season game

    First pre season game tomorrow but more importantly, my first OA middle... Really looking forward to it but at the same time bricking it :eek::bite:
  5. joe cunningham

    What to send a caution in as

    I gave a yellow today for DOGSO but with attempt to play the ball. What do I send it in as on whole game? Would it just be foul tackle?
  6. joe cunningham

    Match recorders

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a new match record sheet to fit into the a&h holder. Could anybody please upload what they use? I want it to have space for cautions/dismissals, subs and goals. Similar to the A&H one but with Space to write who the sub has come on for and the time etc. Thanks Joe
  7. joe cunningham

    Calf compression sleeves and foam rollers

    Hi all, Does anybody recommend any good brands of the above? Thanks Joe
  8. joe cunningham

    Sold Wahoo tickr x HRM

    Selling a wahoo tickrX heart rate monitor, in its original box with instructions. In prestine condition, its only been used only about 5 times as I bought the Polar M400 so is no longer needed. Can be paired with Apple Watch Via the Wahoo fitness app (how to pair is included in the...
  9. joe cunningham

    Minutes silence for Chapecoense

    Will anybody be holding a minutes silence this week/end for everyone involved in the Chapecoense plane crash? Got asked by a friend today if I would be doing one, hadn't really thought of it tbh until he mentioned it.
  10. joe cunningham

    Refereeing in foreign tournaments

    Hi all, Thinking of maybe doing one of the tournaments on tournaments abroad for next year after I leave school. Do you have to be selected to go to these by your CFA or can you just go off your own back? Also, if anyone has been, would you say it's a good experience?
  11. joe cunningham

    Blisters from crabbing

    has anybody got any tips to help prevent getting blisters on the balls of your feet from crabbing on the line? They're a killer!! :poop:
  12. joe cunningham

    Game tracker

    Made this game tracker using excel for this season. Feel free to use if you wish!!AsVOnSPvPkbdhCQx1HuXGR8gLOOK
  13. joe cunningham


    So I've been Reffing for a year today and I'm still a level 8. I turn 16 in September so I'll automatically go to a level 7 right? If this is the case, when can I apply for promotion to level 6?
  14. joe cunningham

    Persistent infringement

    had my u11 cup final this morning and it had to be one of the easiest games I've done, but the amount of foul throws in it was crazy. When I got home I was reflecting on the game and things that I could of possibly done different. Although it would be incredibly harsh, could a player who...
  15. joe cunningham

    How to get the referees attention as an assistant?

    Just a quick question, I got my cup final fixture through today and it will be my first match with NARs. What should I tell the senior AR to do get my attention when a team wants to make a sub baring in mind I don't have buzzer flags?
  16. joe cunningham

    First adult game

    Got my first adult game tomorrow night (teachers from my school vs teachers from another school). Thought at first it might be a bit risky only being in my first season of Reffing and only being young but I decided to take the bite and go for it. Does anybody have any advice For me? Should I...
  17. joe cunningham

    Stepped approach or caution?

    Game this evening and a player told me to 'f**ck off' as I gave a throw in against his team. The player had been quite for all the game and hadn't done anything to pop up on my radar. In this situation should I of used the stepped approach to deal with it or was I right to show in a yellow?
  18. joe cunningham

    full time

    Does any body know how to get your fixtures emailed to you via full time?
  19. joe cunningham

    Red cards

    found this on Facebook "top 10 stupid red cards". Some of these are laughable (especially number 6) but some are quite legit.
  20. joe cunningham

    Red card-where to send the player?

    Hi all, Been thinking about this the last couple of days. I referee in a youth league so most games I ref can vary from u7 to u15. If I was to send a player off where would I send them to? Most pitches don't have changing rooms or anything so apart from sending them to the sideline where else...