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    var mr attwell clearly having a coffee break instead of watching the game Allison blocked at the goal, and nothing on the assault on henderson
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    halftime fluid

    just out of interest what do you take for a halftime drink and are you offered any by the teams
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    referee autobiography

    has anybody read mark clattenburgs yet i would really value opinon cheers
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    Review select group new watch

    watching the liverpool game earlier and now arsenall it appears the select group have another new watch any ideas folks
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    evening does anybody know which make are tre the select group wearing this year ta
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    mike dean

    interesting mike dean isnt using hid posh tag heaur watch today just his goal line tech one
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    referee caught in traffic

    apparently graham scott might miss the chelsea game because he is stuck in traffic, so the 4th official ollie langford would referee the game, with the avar coming from stockley park, i thought the ref team travelled together from a local hotel
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    andre marriner

    just a bit of fun, mr marriners wristband attached to his green whistle had something printed on it does anybody know what it is
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    ebay items

    i dunno if i can post a question about another supplier on her, if not i am sure ross or one of the other mods can remove it# hae any of you bought whistles on ebay from REFFSCOM they seem very cheap and as people say, if it sounds to good to be true it probabally is
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    sad day for scottish refereeing

    sadly just heard that ayrshire refereeing has lost a ledgend my friend papa joe mcgill passed away this morning
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    happy new year to referees everywhere
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    wolves liverpool

    great refereeing exactly how to referee a game when both teams want to play football, let them get on with it
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    world cup appointments

    does anybody know where to find the appointments
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    world cup watch

    does anybody use a smart watch for refereeing, the hublot smart watch given to the world cup referees looks blinking complicated to use. just another thing for the referees to think about in my opinion,any thoughts
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    fox 40 fuZiun

    well the good/not so good things are worth waiting for, i honestly believe fox 40 have found a worse sounding whistle than the fox pearl i think this whistle is awful, and expensive just my opinion but its a no from me i bought it from america got hit with an import fee not a good purchase
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    player manager

    ok guys, little senario i saw today, player manager named sub, on the touch line referee comes over points upstairs, bins him,found out later it was for comments to the ar. now the big question, as referee would you have shown the red card, discuss
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    select group whistles/cards

    hi guys i just want to post a question, if any of you know a select group ref, i know they get supplied with new shirts socks etc every season but do they get whistles and red/yellows supplied too
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    sfa coin

    i know this is a long shot but i collect flip coins, the kind used for kick off, i have seen a scottish fa coin i have obviously tried ebay,amazon any help would be appreciated
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    liverpool, Middlesbrough

    did any one else notice another referee in a tracksuit sitting beside the 4th official, in this game seemed a bit odd
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    ra coin

    hi guys i am trying to obtain a referee association centenary coin from 2008, i have tried sporting touch, ebay and the referee associatin, with no luck, any help would be appreciated