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  1. Dazzykerr

    What do you use for the coin flip

    what ever coin I find I the washing machine or under sofa cushion
  2. Dazzykerr


    I did on my phone logging on my laptop in the end
  3. Dazzykerr

    7 to 6 and 6 to 5 - New Criteria

    I Have heard of a couple of people now that 7 -6 is being reclassified to 5c-5b And it’s 25 games any game counts aslong as the offside rule inforce Then 6-5 reclassified as 5b-5a it’s a further 25 games at open age plus 5 lines
  4. Dazzykerr

    Huddersfield -Luton

    I noticed a luton player being slapped around the back of his head while he sat on floor
  5. Dazzykerr

    Switching it up

    Left pocket- match record card for bookings (subs on when Ar1) goals go on refsix on watch Right pocket- yellow and pen Back pocket- red Right front yellow and a red
  6. Dazzykerr

    Penalty kick toss

    Thanks I did look through the ifab app quickly but couldn’t see it
  7. Dazzykerr

    Penalty kick toss

    was watching a cup final today. Went to pens Got me thinking what is correct procedure for the deciding ends and who takes first
  8. Dazzykerr

    2022/23 Laws of the game - hard copy

    Yes please
  9. Dazzykerr

    Player injury and leaving the field

    soo I was thinking So a player who gets treatment must leave the field what sort of age do you enforce it. I was watching a under 11 game this evening and the referee told player to leave. I never do in kids football. What’s your take?
  10. Dazzykerr

    Leisure leagues

    I tend to agree tbh
  11. Dazzykerr

    next steps

    Send me a pm I’m in Bedfordshire I can point you in the right direction
  12. Dazzykerr

    Kit clash

    Nothing in league hand book. Emailed the league sec no reply
  13. Dazzykerr

    Kit clash

    Just received a message from my under 15 game tonight. Both teams play in the same kit. Who changes or wears bibs One club says home the other says away.
  14. Dazzykerr

    Leisure leagues

    I done a few at powerleague to cover a mate. Only had one issue bloke kicked one guy in the shin then started shouting at me saying he could have broke my leg. I just replied two things here mate first he never broke your leg. Secondly if u had shin pads on u would have been ok. So get on with...
  15. Dazzykerr


    So I have two bags one a small and one large Holdall. For youth matches Or no changing facilities I use small one if I’m changing I take the large one
  16. Dazzykerr

    How long Ref

    I always tell the benches “last ten” loud enough so everyone can hear
  17. Dazzykerr

    One extra player

    This Is a rule in my local league but only up to under 8 I think
  18. Dazzykerr

    Back to back games

    I did back to back games both under 14 weekend first game was a breeze 2nd was mentally challenging rather then physically. Don’t rush between games at half time take as long as you like but not exceeding comp rules
  19. Dazzykerr

    Promotion scheme

    just a idea my local leagues under 18 do Sunday afternoon and I’m sure a few can be under 18 in promotion season
  20. Dazzykerr

    RefSix Reliability?

    Very easy to use Ive had no issues With it. Have to admit I was worried about using in the rain. But no issue. I still use notebook for cards but going to phase that out over next few months On the issue with getting in a mess I actually used it while watching a gave one tv a few times just to...