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    Penalty shoot out goalkeepers

    So I had a u11 manager ask if before the full time whistle of extra time he put on his second keeper. Could he during the penalty shoot out rota his keepers?
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    When Saturday Comes? Are you refereeing or in the terraces

    I will start I am on the line at broadbridge heath v shoreham 3pm ko in the FA Cup
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    2x standard 1 x above 1 x below 6-5

    Do you think I will get a 4th assessment
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    Guess the final mark

    Your pre match preparation of this game was mixed, your boots were dirty and had not been cleaned since your last game, your checking of the players boots and jewelry was haphazard to say the least, it was just going through the motions with players milling about, try getting them to line up...
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    Match abandoned on 45 due fog

    Cautioned two players during the 45 minutes played. do you still put the cautions through on wholegame?
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    longest football match 108 hours

    hi folks I didn't know where to post this but I was involved in refereeing a small part of this mammoth achievement. any donations would be great fully received visit or look them up on facebook thanks Stuart
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    Red Card report and advice on

    on the 89th minute home player pulls down away player on the half way line with about 10 seconds left to go. during the incident the away player according to the home players had used his elbows. However whilst on the floor after i had awarded the free kick to the away team. whilst on the ground...
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    after two assessments my promotion season is blown

    1 standard expected and 1 likely to be below standard expected. it was my first game with netural assistants. I really enjoyed the match felt confident from start to finish
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    kicks from the penalty mark to decide a match

    do they count as goals in a players goal scoring record?
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    first assessment in a normal game

    overall standard expected level 6 to 5 in a normal standard game. if I get 3 of these is that enough to pass
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    moas query

    hi just out of interest when closing dates on moas do I need to close all other appointments as football unspecified I only have a few midweek fixtures in ryman Youth League and southern combination football league. as I am only level 6 I imagine if I am allocated an fa youth cup it would be...
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    Dissent by word or action

    On Saturday i had a team and one of the players wasnt keen to have me refereeing, after the first couple of decisions he was talking to his follow players within earshot of me saying "you know what he is like" after one decision. Later on saying "he is a ****" to one of his colleagues. I pulled...
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    U18 County Cup

    It's my first county cup appointment of season. the rules allow roll on roll off subs. 3 from 5. how do you manage this? I was once told by a coach to use my common sense when I ensured each sub was made according to the laws of the game. I also ticked each player off to ensure the 4th and 5th...
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    law 4 jewellery

    I noticed diouf of stoke City wearing rubber bands during the spurs game today? with jewellery is this accepted?
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    my first assessment as assistant referee

    I got a total mark of 7.1 is this good. with the two offsides I admit I was to quick in putting the flag up Edited by Admin: - Team names, Assessor name and League removed
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    Touchline Flags

    Hi there when i bought my touchline flags there was a plastic bit of tubing around the inner bit of the flag. I thought the tubing was just part of the packaging and through it away, does anyone here know where i can get a replacment part for the flag
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    A22 Derby tomorrow

    great first game of the season in the newly named county league Eastbourne Town v Hailsham Town should be a belter. I have refereed a few of the players in park football
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    who else wears them. I am thinking of getting sports glasses like Edgar davids anyone else have experience of sports glasses
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    pre season friendly

    Pre season friendly between a charity team and a local team. 3 cautions in the game do you still report pre season yellows?
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    Stuart McKenzie - 6 - Eastbourne East Sussex

    Hi I am Stuart from sussex here started refereeing in 1998-2002 had a couple of years out came back in 2009. got 15 year award last year. Just here to say hi. Best of luck for everyone on promotion and those that aren't have a great season