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  1. Dazzykerr

    Penalty kick toss

    was watching a cup final today. Went to pens Got me thinking what is correct procedure for the deciding ends and who takes first
  2. Dazzykerr

    Player injury and leaving the field

    soo I was thinking So a player who gets treatment must leave the field what sort of age do you enforce it. I was watching a under 11 game this evening and the referee told player to leave. I never do in kids football. What’s your take?
  3. Dazzykerr

    Kit clash

    Just received a message from my under 15 game tonight. Both teams play in the same kit. Who changes or wears bibs One club says home the other says away.
  4. Dazzykerr

    Fat TW@T

    Hi all new poster here. I am doing my course at the end of the month done my online stuff. So far So my question I was doing my boys under 11 match yesterday and one of the other team ten year old called me a fat ****. As the league says you can’t send anyone off I went to the the coach...