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  1. LM1996

    7-6 and 4W to 3W

    So after a very enjoyable season I’ve applied to do both the 7-6 promotion pathway and the 4W to 3W promotion pathway next season. Has anybody done both in the same season, and if so, do you have any advice? It’d be great to have advice from anyone that has done any of the above!
  2. LM1996

    Nike match shirt

    Looking for a Nike short sleeve match. Ideally in Large if anybody is selling one?
  3. LM1996

    Touchline flags - ends

    Hi guys I’ve got some touchline flags that I’ve had for ages now. Somehow one of the AR’s managed to lose on of the ends that keeps the flags on and attached. Does anybody know if there is a way to buy these ‘ends’ to save me having to buy new flags?
  4. LM1996

    Offside interference

    Feeling dejected and let down after today. Need to get it off my chest so I can focus on tomorrow’s game. Was on the line today in a game that finished 1-0. The goal was scored from a header following a corner. The ball went in and I flagged to bring the referee over. As the header was made...
  5. LM1996

    Returning to open age middles

    Evening guys I returned to refereeing this season as a Level 7 after quitting back in 2015 when I was 18. I quit due to an incident of abuse/threats on a Sunday league game in Southampton whilst I was at Uni. I returned this season and have mainly being doing step 6 lines and u18 lines. I’ve...
  6. LM1996

    Keeper off his line at a penalty

    I was on the line on a step 6 game yesterday. The home side were awarded a penalty in my half and I took up my position. The keeper came off his line before the kick was taken but the kicker put the ball miles wide. I didn’t flag for this as I understood it that as the ball was kicked wide, and...
  7. LM1996

    Knee pain relief

    Evening all Did a line last Wednesday and in the 90th minute felt an excruciating pain in the left hand side of my left knee. Managed to hobble on and get through the final few minutes. It remained painful to walk on for the rest of the evening and into the next day. The pain then went away...
  8. LM1996

    Badges and how you apply them

    I’m sure everyone has a slightly different way but I just wondered how you all apply your different badges? My kit has a heat applied FAMOA badge but I also have games where I’ll need my Somerset County badge on there too. I’m not in favour of buying a separate shirt with the county badge on...
  9. LM1996

    Boot and jewellery check

    Evening Guys I just wondered how people conducted the boot check and jewellery check before the game, especially where there are club assistants. Are you doing this before the teams come out for the game or whilst they are warming up?
  10. LM1996

    Returning Referee

    Hi Guys Not a new referee as such…I qualified back in 2012 when I was 15. I referred in Somerset and Hampshire until I was 19 where I gave up due to an incident in a Sunday league match. Now at the old age of 25 I am returning to the game. I’ve got a game on the line next Saturday an an u18...