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  1. JamesL

    Real Madrid vs Man City

    Interesting start. Nailed on caution not given leads to modric and laporte having handbags.. Laporte lucky to stay on for me, striking opponent in face with more than negligible force...
  2. JamesL

    Record Keepers

    Start of a new tax year and end of season upon us I am reviewing my record keeping. Currently tracking: Total number of games Games reffed Games assisted Date/teams/mileage/fee/score/yellows/reds/distance/ max speed/observer marks expenditure/competition What are our other record keepers...
  3. JamesL

    Law Changes 2022/2023

    Clarification that the referee tosses the coin along with the addition that a goalkeeper can't commit a dogso by handball offence in his own penalty area among the many lotg issues solved in this years edition!
  4. JamesL

    Circumvention? Atletico Madrid V United

    03:55 on the video... Thoughts on deliberate trick to circumvent the law?
  5. JamesL

    Palace V Liverpool

    Penalty? Not for me, Jota makes a total hash of the chance and moves into the keeper as opposed to keeper committing the foul. Really bad VAR moment imo.
  6. JamesL

    Hold on tight

    2 prong thread here... Absolutely hate this caution style of aggressively throwing the card up as it just leads to this silly scenario. Nothing wrong with calmly displaying the card in the air... Same message. Also, anyone have any stories where they've lost equipment. In a league Cup final it...
  7. JamesL

    1 or 2 Yellows?

    Saw this on Twitter. More than anything it is funny. Did make me think with the goal celebration 2 Yellows thread, are there 2 cautionable offences, 1 offence per player or would you see this as one offence?
  8. JamesL


    Fully understand need to advertise and accept itbut the recent change in advertising appears to be stopping me being able to view any threads...
  9. JamesL

    Leyton Orient V Hartlepool An interesting article here regarding a game today. The referee appears to have forgotten law here which is that the referee shouldn't make up for a time keeping error by adding it on to the 2nd...
  10. JamesL

    Luton V Swansea

    Not sure I am comfortable with a yellow card here. Yes the Swansea player is delaying restart. Yes, the Luton players "eyes are on the ball" But for me you 1) need to have an awareness of where your opponents are and 2) if this isn't kicking your opponent with excessive force then I'm not sure...
  11. JamesL

    Happens to the best refs.... Have done this myself before, confusing 2 players in my mind, and sending off for a first caution. I'd done the offending side the week before so the player had stuck in my mind. I too was able to correct my mistake when reviewing my notepad...
  12. JamesL

    Dissent - Advantage - Sin Bin

    Not a real incident, but, could certainly happen. Be interesting to get members thoughts: A player from Team A commits an offence of dissent, let's say by word, whilst his opponents from Team B are in a promising attacking situation. Stopping play would take play back into Team Bs own half so...
  13. JamesL

    Brentford V Swansea

    Here we go again... Lively opening Case for a red card early doors. Nailed on Pen. Anyone for DOGSO? He takes it away from goal but still think he is in that area. Only a yellow anyway so not a major clanger, for now 😏
  14. JamesL

    Brentford V Bournemouth

    Handball for me. Will try to get a link. Gillett's got a game on his hands here...
  15. JamesL

    Swa V Nor

    Carbon copy (well probably more contact truth be told) of recent dogso's turned down - no foul -. Interesting...
  16. JamesL

    ARS V MANU but not limited too.

    This backing into players whilst they the air has to stop. I don't understand why it isn't being recognised as a foul, all of a sudden? Lacazette looks like he is seriously injured but had a foul given against him, but it was Maguire that backed into him as he challenged for the aerial ball.
  17. JamesL

    Offside - PGMOL clarification (in discussion with ifab)

    Not mentioning any specific games as that thread got closed... However the efl have published offside guidance from PGMOL
  18. JamesL

    Rotherham V Sheffield Wednesday

    Unusual scenes at the start of this one. Ref ran off. Spoke to someone. Called captains in. Restarted. 2 mins later did the same and then took players off. Apparently due to a drone flying above the stadium.
  19. JamesL

    Ars V Shu

    What do we all make of the Luiz pull/hold? Seeing a lot of should be red on twitter - worlds going mad 😂 For me, I don't think it really has much impact on Burke's movement, but I would accept a foul. As for a sanction, I definitely don't think red. Mainly around control of the ball, he...
  20. JamesL

    TOT V NEW (not another one)

    Despite how much I hate it. Nailed on handball offence. Does football expect handball here, really?