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  1. JamesL

    Northampton vs Mansfield

    Player reaction tells you everything, not one player asking for offside, so I agree football expects no offside. This is pundits looking for a story... No referee on hand tonight to tell them the truth of the law either by the sound of it...
  2. JamesL

    Northampton vs Mansfield

    As I often do when these things pop up I stress the importance of reading the whole lotg. Not just law 1-17. The answer to your question is found at the back of the book in the guidance: As you can see the lotg guidance is that this is not an offside offence as two players are moving towards...
  3. JamesL

    Newcastle Arsenal

    All of your post except this. Often the match expects a foul throws for legal throws.
  4. JamesL

    Newcastle Arsenal

    I know the way the laws are written leave a lot to be desired AND will definitely not have been thought about to the level I am about to go into but... I think you are confused by the word moment and seeing that as the precise point of delivery. The word Moment means "a brief period of time" so...
  5. JamesL

    Europa League Final

    Yet to see a video but the stills are presenting a clear red card. In my opinion, you have your feet that high AND strike your opponent, you are endangering their safety. Had one similar recently differing slightly in that it was an over head kick. Same result for player kicked though, blood...
  6. JamesL

    Junior/Youth County Cup Final

    This is a development for the whole team to have a think about. You simply can't verbally warn repeatedly. You really need to follow up verbal warnings with actions. Be that a yellow or red card or as AR informing the referee that further action needs taking. At verbal warning 2 with no action...
  7. JamesL

    Newcastle Arsenal

    I'd go the other way. It is a trivial restart. It is but a means of putting the ball back into play. So where no advantage is gained, the ball is thrown from behind and over the head, why make a big thing and give the ball to the opposition, in what is an advanced area of the pitch for them...
  8. JamesL

    New fitness test

    I think it's right that a l5-4 has to prove they can do the test before nomination. The FA need a certain number of refs. If half of what they need that get nominated can't do the test then they don't have enough refs 4-3 slightly different in that the referee has already demonstrated a degree...
  9. JamesL

    Newcastle Arsenal

    Not a foul throw for me. Also not helpful to be given as one at this level 🤦
  10. JamesL

    Newcastle Arsenal

    The wording is describing the movement required for a throw in.
  11. JamesL

    Newcastle Arsenal

    Nothing about where it is released from in law. Just that It needs to be thrown from behind and over the head which obviously can't be shown in a still.
  12. JamesL

    Dropped Ball

    Wrong. Think he is confused with the requirement for it to touch another player before entering the goal.
  13. JamesL

    Level 4 promotion

    Or don't have good Saturday availability which was my issue first time round
  14. JamesL

    Switching it up

    Right short pocket = yellow Left short pocket = yellow + red and spare whistle Shirt right = notebook. And two sharpies Shirt left = red card
  15. JamesL

    Laws of the Game Test 6-5

    You can't register without it being in date though.
  16. JamesL

    GK 6 seconds caution

    Agree, and I think, we could just about say as well that the spirit of the game does not expect caution for Persistent offside offences.
  17. JamesL

    Relocating to the north west

    They are linked to th e leagues I mentioned. you have the Cheshire/Manchester premier leagues (which were step 7 supply leagues a few years ago) and they have a league 1 and 2 under them and reserve sides. You'll find reasonable facilities as well
  18. JamesL

    Relocating to the north west

    I'd be looking at the Cheshire or Manchester league as an AR and reffing their reserve and feeder leagues. Possibly looking at the Lancashire leagues as well. That's what I did when based in Warrington which is not too far away and reffed a few sides over Wigan way.
  19. JamesL

    Leeds vs Chelsea

    I came here just to make this comment 😅
  20. JamesL

    Big Crowds

    Having now broken the 600+ barrier, once as ref and once as AR and possibly higher on Saturday I really relish it. For some reason it sharpens the mind and focus for me. But then things have gone well in those games and I expect the feeling could be different if the game was not going as well...