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  1. Russell Jones

    Millers v Shrews

    Assistant Referee is standing in the right place with the flag in the correct hand :)
  2. Russell Jones

    Bicep touch

    Padders, that's not strictly true in all cases ... if the ball is kicked from say 30 yards away and the player remains stationary in order to allow the ball to hit his hand / arm rather than moving it out of the way .. then this becomes a deliberate act on their part and therefore handball...
  3. Russell Jones

    Punishment fits the crime

    Was recently on the line on an WSL2 game. Was a little taken aback to see the doping team waiting in te trunnel at the end of the match but they didn't show any interest in getting a sample from me! Given that it was about 25 degrees that day, that was probably a good thing!!
  4. Russell Jones

    When is ball inside penalty area? (5 a side)

    :cry::rolleyes::) ... brilliant
  5. Russell Jones

    Dead ball deception

    What changes is that previously, the players could legitimately argue that the ball had moved and was in play when such movement was impossible for the referee to see. Leading to very difficult situations for match control, especially if the AR could see it but the Ref couldn't Now the players...
  6. Russell Jones

    Dead ball deception

    The way I read the law change is that they are attempting to avoid those past situations where the ball did indeed move but only in a way that was noticeable to those very close to the corner. Adding 'clearly' now means that the movement of the ball needs to be visible to those further away...
  7. Russell Jones

    Leicester Arsenal - Red Card

    Ciley, way back on Page 1 of this thread I said that I was on the fence on this decision. The vehement differing opinions subsequently given in favour of Yellow / Red, for me demonstrate that either decision can be justified. However, about 6 times in this thread you have used the phrase...
  8. Russell Jones

    Leicester Arsenal - Red Card

    Where's an emoji of someone going 'la la la' with their fingers stuck in their ears when you need one?? :D
  9. Russell Jones

    Controversial Handball & Offside

    Completely correct, L3 in the middle and L4's on the line. Can't comment on these particular officials but typically, playoff games will be given to those who have performed at the top of the bandings throughout the season. A 'typical' L4 will have had about 20 games on the line this season...
  10. Russell Jones

    Leicester Arsenal - Red Card

    Interesting mindset. I was always taught that we should use the minimum intervention necessary to sort out a particular situation. For what it's worth, I'm sitting completely on the fence and backing whatever decision the ref makes on this one .. can see the arguments both ways
  11. Russell Jones

    'Violent Conduct' on Referee

    Judging from the video, I think the closest AR was too busy chewing gum to notice .... :rolleyes:
  12. Russell Jones

    When is ball inside penalty area? (5 a side)

    Simple. The line is part of the penalty area. So if any part of the ball is overganging the line then it is inside the area
  13. Russell Jones

    Deliberate handball by the keeper

    With regard to Sunday morning referees ... Circumference - generally somewhat on the rotund size Pressure - best if you can handle it and not crack under repetitive shouts of 'In the Back' and 'Foul Throw' Goal Dimensions - not large enough for the majority of players Pitch Sizes - Smaller the...
  14. Russell Jones

    Promotion assessments 7-6

    Fair to say, that, from my experience, pleasing a wide variety of county observers when it comes to corner kick positioning with CARs is nigh on impossible! They each have their own preferences which turns it into a bit of a lottery. To illustrate the point, whilst going 6 to 5, I was picked...
  15. Russell Jones

    LOTG test lvl 5 to 4

    No sample paper. But, based on last year, my advice would be to very clued up indeed on all the most recent changes to the LOTG ... questions were very slanted to where laws had changed from before. I found it significantly harder than the 7 to 6 or 6 to 5 exams but passed (I think with 12 out...
  16. Russell Jones

    First AR game

    Ask @Men in Black ... he's been getting all the advice on here recently. :D Seriously, it's a topic that's been covered extensively on here over the last couple of weeks so just do a quick search rather than everyone reposting what they said ... especially if time is of the essence!
  17. Russell Jones

    Tottenham vs Man City

    Just rewatched the game (Tottenham fan, glutton for punishment!). Sterling gets the pass away to Sane just BEFORE he is taken out by Llloris, slightly outside the box. Thus DOGSO is out of the question as the GSO wasn't denied and it just becomes a 'normal' sanction for the ferocity of the...
  18. Russell Jones

    Head low to the ground

    If you genuinely think that the player who kicked him bears no responsibility for what happened, then by law it is an IFK to the opposition because the player who got kicked has PIAD (played in a dangerous manner). Not the easiest sell but one where explaining the decision to the captain might...
  19. Russell Jones

    KFtPM question

    Not on my watch. If they kick it twice, most likely one of three things will have happened 1) An inadvertant 'double hit' as we've seen occasionally in the EPL 2) Keeper saves initial shot or comes back off post and player instinctively tries to put it in the net 3) Player miskicks badly and...
  20. Russell Jones

    Promotion 18/19

    Do you think that the upcoming changes to the pyramid at Step 3 / Step 4 will materially affect things @RustyRef ?