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    Referee's Discord Server

    Hi all, I help to run a discord server for referees from all over the world, it's a really useful resource where we get lots of clips from games at all levels from the professional to the grassroots, lots of discussion and lots of input from referees all over the world (over 30 countries are...
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    Play on or Failing to Respect the Distance

    Fun one today, nothing first half then two reds and five cautions second half. One caution and red to the same player in very quick succession. I’m pretty sure I’m right in law on what I did but just wondering if there’s another way to potentially deal with this. Second half team are 4-0 down...
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    Anxiety on Match-day

    First post as a bit of a longer-term lurker but there's an issue that's been creeping up recently and it's been affecting my match-days and games with that. I suffer from generalised anxiety disorder anyway so there's that in the background, but this hasn't affected my match-days in the last...