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    A few things

    A few situations occurred yesterday which I was unsure about, so any advice would be appreciated - Blue Player sin binned in the second half. 3 minutes into the sin bin, they made a substitution, and the sin binned player took over responsibility of the CAR. I requested that he was removed from...
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    Newcastle v City

    I cannot see how this wasn’t given in real time and even worse, how it’s not given by VAR. absolute stone wall penalty in my eyes
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    Farcical conditions

    So as some of you may have noticed, it’s a little windy today … is there a stage in which you’d consider the playing conditions farcical? Ball won’t stay still for set plays, goal kicks won’t leave the area?
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    ‘I did it on purpose’

    Incident today where Green 9 was shielding the ball out of play and his flailing arm caught yellow in the face. I awarded the free kick to yellow and called over green for a chat, and at the time I deemed it careless so I just told him to be careful. i then had a chat with the yellow captain...
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    Farcical weather conditions? Nah, play on!
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    First aider dissent

    So during today’s game I was receiving frequent acts of dissent from one teams first aider. I had warned him and the manager about his action but I knew in the back in my mind that I couldn’t get to a stage of sending him off and I think he was aware of that as well. How would you deal with...
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    Boot recommendation

    Has anyone got any recommendations for comfortable boots? I’m not overly fussed with price as long as they are durable. At the moment I have Nike Tiempo which have had for a year or so, but I tend to have problems with blisters with those on my heel and ball of my foot, usually when side...
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    5-4 first report

    So yesterday I received the score for my first assessment of 5-4, scoring a 73. So simply, is that good? Or is that a score we can consider ‘progress required’? I know I should be aiming for an average of over 70 so I’m satisfied with that as a starting point
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    Tranmere v Morecambe

    Anyone watching? Whilst a Morecambe player was receiving treatment for a bloody nose in the centre circle, the referee asked him to leave the FOP which seemed to be refused. A Tranmere player then proceeded to pick up the first aiders bag, run to the touch line and Chuck it off the pitch. How...
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    Reporting Racism

    I’ll be brief as I don’t want to give out details just in case, but if a player/manager reports racist abuse to you which you hadn’t heard during the game, how would you report this? A misconduct report on whole game, an email to the FA/RDO, or both?
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    Had a game last night, blue v White. Blue defender sends the ball long with the striker threw on goal. Ball bounces just inside the 18 yard where the keeper successfully punches the ball, however in the process cleans out the striker and by looking at the aftermatch, has left him with a broken...
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    Middlesbrough v Blackburn

    I’ll refrain from saying too much as I’m a Boro fan but for me this is about as dangerous as it gets, and not even a foul. Really really poor decision, even if the ref hasn’t seen the contact surely we could all draw conclusions from a centre back having his studs 6ft in the air and the opponent...
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    Liverpool v Burnley

    Interesting one this with two situations in the penalty which have a similar description. A player taken down after the ball had gone, one was a penalty and one was not. Though the angle on the Mane one isn’t clear, I can only assume the names out of play before contact was made. Thoughts...
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    Carding the manager

    Had an incident today which I feel I made the wrong decision for. Following the overruling of an offside flag from a CAR and subsequent goal being scored. CAR (who wasn’t a sub) and a spectator claiming to be a qualified ref run into the pitch to argue with me, and then consistently refuse to...
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    West Ham v Villa

    I'm surprised nobody has brought this one up (through fear I expect! :p). An interesting one, Ollie Watkins seemingly fouled into an offside position where a goal was subsequently disallowed but VAR couldn't give the penalty due to the challenge not being clear and obvious? Offside was...
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    Ending a half

    Not specific to any game but a question I’ve always been meaning to ask, when there’s a goal kick to be taken at the end of the half, why is this always carried out before the ref blows the whistle rather than just ending the half once the ball has gone out from the attacker?
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    Senior AR

    I’ve done a couple of games as a senior AR for the first time this season so managing the benches has been a new one on me. Because of no comma, one thing I’ve found difficult is dealing with coaches complaining about decisions, and I’ve found myself repeating the same things such as ‘the...
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    Palace v Everton handball

    Unless somebody can convince me otherwise, I’m genuinely concerned about some of the handball decision being given and this is just another. I genuinely don’t know what the defender can do here bar actively move his arm out the way, but the LOTG don’t actually encourage that ...
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    Level 6 to 5 observation

    Lengthy post coming up! Has my first observation at the weekend. Was incredibly nervous as it was my first game at county level and didn’t feel my fitness was the best it could be due to my late start into pre season (didn’t have a productive lockdown!) first 10/15 I was doing well but could...
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    Red card for a hiding sub

    In my game yesterday, I red carded a sub for shouting at me ‘you’re a cheat, you’re a f’ing cheat’. However this happened while the ball was in play. Once the ball had gone out I stopped the game, looked over to the bench and saw him taking his shirt off and crouching behind a group of players...