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    Manchester City Women vs Arsenal Women

    Had this on Saturday in the same position with a FIFA & WSL referee observing me. Almost identical. Blew up when I saw the team on the ball have what was clearly going to be an obvious PA. Was unsure if I'd get picked up for being incorrect in law but its a very easy one to explain why you...
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    Under 12 Red Card

    Not a card for me as I can manage it but obviously it's your game. I would advise not to go looking for trouble (you don't get paid any more for finding it). I would be very wary of thinking along the terms of "how will they learn life skills". Thats not for us to decide or implement. Dont...
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    From high to low

    A classic case of "don't go looking for trouble". Nobody was offended, it wasn't aimed at anyone, it had 0 impact on the game. One to learn from.
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    Southampton vs Man City

    Bizzare to claim City fans are on any different to any other set of fans in believing that the refs are against them. There's a section in all supporters groups that believe this nonsense and my team (City) are no different than any other.
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    Southampton vs Man City

    I get what you're saying but for me we've hit the endangering safety of the opponent criteria comfortably here. It just seemed put of kilter with previous decisions of a similar nature.
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    Southampton vs Man City

    Amazed it wasn't overturned to a red. Top of the thigh, leg outstretched and certainly well beyond a "glancing blow". Was astounded it wasn't overturned to a red.
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    Game 1

    Inner City Adult Sunday League today, bottom division. Dreadful pitch, very average standard of football and an AR that flagged for absolutely everything (spoken to and then just ignored, nobody else there to do it so left him to it and gave what I thought instead of cheating which was obviously...
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    Game 1

    You me and everyone else pal when we start. I was a player so I let too much go and tried manage things without cards a I thought that's what a good ref did at local level. Obviously that's nonsense but it took a few games to get through. Now i think I have happy medium most of the time but I...
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    5-4 first report

    Sorry to dig up this nugget but today was my 5th and final observation at 5-4 for the season. The observer was a WSL & FIFA referee (and former WSL player). Great to have so much knowledge and experience there to help with my development (or lack of it). Game went fine overall. 3 yellows...
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    Game 1

    Welcome to grass roots adult football. I won't sit here and say that this won't happen again because it will. But I will say that in recognising what you could do next time you've had a very productive day in terms of your improvement and development as a referee so we'll done. I soon learned...
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    Whats up with different pay per match? Frankly at the moment it looks further south you go better pay.

    Just up the road in South Gloucestershire its the same in the local leagues. As an exiled Manc I haven't found a decent post match pint yet down here, especially not that apple enfused rocket juice you all sup
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    Coping with getting it wrong

    Mistakes (even obvious ones) happen to us all. We are human as is everyone else involved in the game. My metric of success is how many games in a season am I dropping major errors. If its going down then im improving. I'm having a season where everything seems to be going right, I'm in control...
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    6-5 Standard expected

    All the best refs do their early promotions in Sheffield & Hallamshire 😉 if you get the basics right (jewellery check, pitch inspection, coming over to the halfway line for every sub, briefing the ARs before the game and a quick brief to a new AR if the old was was a sub and has now been subbed...
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    Tough U16 Match

    Agree with the previous posts. One thing I make a point of doing is after I've given a caution/cherry is to slow the restart down and really take my team before restarting play. Firstly to let people calm down but secondly to always tell myself to clear the mind and focus solely on what's next...
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    Worst game so far!

    And I'm not sure I'd always go for the bin, depends on the game and how the player has behaved previously etc. As previously stated this is different to how I read it in your earlier post. These things are always YHTBH of course. I'm more the type to give a little back or laugh it off but it's...
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    Worst game so far!

    Not a red for me, surely that is what the sin bin is for? The player doesn't believe that they're paying you to be biased, it's just a stupid comment born out of frustration and petulance. Certainly not something to be offended over. 10 minutes on the side to think about what you've just said...
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    County Cup Rules

    It's actually 3 subs maximum to be named on the team sheet, roll on roll off. Like alot of laws/comp rules they just appear to be worded poorly. Anyway it was a cracking game, 3-1 to the home sides. 0 cards, 0 incidents of any kind from an officiating point of view and 0 dissent. Adult Sunday...
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    County Cup Rules

    It should read "substitutions" and not substitutes then shouldn't it? It isn't as clear as it could be that's for sure
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    County Cup Rules

    I have a County Cup semi final tomorrow so I thought I'd check the substitution rules. Rule: In open age competitions, a team shall be permitted to use three substitutes in any one game from three players nominated to the Referee prior to the commencement of the game, except to replace a player...
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    "First" game "back"

    Impressive especially on a cold day. Home side losing 1-2 for me on the line today. One bench particularly vocal from minute 1 but no real issues. Winner scored direct from a corner.