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    County Cup Rules

    I have a County Cup semi final tomorrow so I thought I'd check the substitution rules. Rule: In open age competitions, a team shall be permitted to use three substitutes in any one game from three players nominated to the Referee prior to the commencement of the game, except to replace a player...
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    Incident today

    Well today I had my first incident in the middle where there's been an accusation of racism. Slightly bizzare in nature how it unfolded if truth be told. I'm looking at the play in one half of the pitch and here a bit if commotion behind me so I then around and see two players arguing with each...
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    O dear....

    Man I hope these two are just having a laugh....
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    City v Bruges

    Bizzare refereeing from the Romanian referee. Theres been 3 or 4 times that theres been a delayed flag raised for offside with the goalkeeper in possession looking to start an attack or the same from a defender in time and space and yet he always gives the offside as opposed to letting play go...
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    Deaf football

    So I did my first game of deaf football today. A cracking game to be fair. 2-2 with the away side missing a penalty in injury time. It's an interesting experience. I reffed with a whistle in one hand and a flag in the other, which I raised as well as blowing the whistle for obvious reasons...
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    So my trustee flags are no more and I need some new ones. I'm after the best quality our there (not buzzers). Hard to judge which ones are good quality as alot of the pictures of flags on websites are proper naff. What do the good members of Refchat recommend?
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    Step 5-6 League asking for level 7 officials to join the league as ARs. It seems that the lack of officials is starting to bite the supply leagues now (if it wasn't already)
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    Todays game

    After a very delayed flight back from Tenerife, I got home at 3.30am and went to the ground for a men's Sunday League game, 10pm ko. Cracking match, it's 4-2 with 88 mins gone, not an incident in the game, it's been as good as it gets. The away team score a screamer from 35 yards out and push...
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    Match dress

    So I officiate mainly in step 5-7 leagues, all of which have adopted a 'smart tracksuit' policy for match dress this season. Personally I much prefer it. less faffing around and I've always thought the idea of a suit for a football match to be very old fashioned. Do we think we have now seen the...
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    Spurs v MCFC

    Obvious disappointment about the result for me but Spurs deserved the win. There seemed to be a noticeable change of style from Taylor as he let far more challenges go seemingly in line with the Euros where the same happened. Seems to me that for the first time in a long time refs are being...
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    Strange experiences

    Whilst commenting on another thread, I was reminded of strange experiences I've had with other officials on match days. The overwhelming majority of teams I've worked in have been very good indeed. Usually to the point where as a level 7 or 6 ref I've been learning from them along the way. I've...
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    I have my first game in my new County on Saturday and i am being observed. A top of the table clash no less which should be fun. I've never used CARs as we didn't use them in South Yorkshire. From an observation perspective, if/when the substitute holding the flag goes on to the FOP, am I...
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    Better late than never. It looks like leagues will be able to confirm their plans to restart following the release of the new guidelines at 11pm last night?!? I'm expecting confirmation of the restart of grass roots football to go ahead this weekend here. Although one of the local Sunday...
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    United penalty

    No doubt about it being handball but I'll ask the obvious question, can you award a penalty after blowing the final whistle?
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    Relocating during the season.

    Morning everyone, just an enquiry and one which I know I will need to contact my RDO over once I have confirmation of my circumstances. Essentially a change of work circumstances means that I may well be relocating to the South of the country (they've discovered gravy and oatcakes down there...
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    My DBS is up before the end of the year. Do I source my own DBS checks and just send the certificate and send it to the CFA or do I have to go through the CFA and use a preferred provider? Thanks in advance
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    Just for fun

    Just come across this on Twitter. Firstly, is anyone giving a one here? Secondly, the score was West Ham 7-1 at the time of the penalty. Alvin Martin scores the penalty and become the only person to do what (a record that still stands btw)??? On another note. Interesting reaction from referee...
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    Interesting game....

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    Offside flag technique.

    Evening all. I'm on the line on Sunday, something which I've done 5 or 6 times now. I'm getting more of these appointments this year as I'm on The promotion scheme, previously I've only done lines in cup semis and finals. I try to pick up as much as possible from the more senior AR with me...
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    Leve 7 Exam

    Afternoon all. So I have my Level 7 - Level 6 exam next week. I've done some prep when I have chance, although with a full time job, 2 kids, playing other sports etc its not always easy. What should I expect?