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    Public School Reffing

    Would be best to talk to your local County School’s FA as the CFA may have 0 clue, for example here Kent School’s FA misconduct is sent directly in via email, rather than whole-game.
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    Referee's Discord Server

    Hi all, I help to run a discord server for referees from all over the world, it's a really useful resource where we get lots of clips from games at all levels from the professional to the grassroots, lots of discussion and lots of input from referees all over the world (over 30 countries are...
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    Man Utd Vs Brugge

    I tend to agree with everyone else here. It’s a blatant cynical offence, he’s trying to stop a goal with his arm, don’t disappoint him with just a yellow when he wants a red card. Even if it’s not an OG, it’s an OGSO as it’s a goalbound shot on target with 6 yards to travel and we have to debate...
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    20 games before applying...

    Contact your RDO, generally friendlies won’t count for any promotion scheme game, this doesn’t mean they won’t count for you to be eligible for promotion. You don’t need to prove the games you’ve done generally while applying to join the promotion scheme, but I imagine there’s a cursory check...
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    Junior/Youth Manager Contact

    If against competition rules, which seems likely 100% yes. In my opinion if I didn’t get confirmation for a game and I’d made an attempt to contact the club and competition and had no luck getting any notice I wouldn’t even be turning up for the fixture.
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    Who does the dropped ball go to if none of the teams had possession of the ball at the time the whistle was blown.?

    What does law say about possession? It actually doesn’t. It says play restarts where the ball touched a player, an outside agent or the match official, with a dropped ball to the team that last touched the ball or to the goalkeeper if that occurred in the penalty area. So where was the last...
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    City v Atalanta

    No attempt to play the ball means no downgrade in card colour. The ref didn’t deem it DOGSO inside the box or he’d have sent him off when giving a penalty. The VAR deemed it a supportable decision likely as they had questions about Sterling’s ability to gain possession. Don’t think VAR would’ve...
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    Law 5 quiz question

    If the ball goes in the goal off the referee, none of them. If the ball hitting the ref had resulted in a change of possession or started a promising attack, none of them. If the ball hits the ref, stays in possession of the team that played it and they go down the pitch and score, it is legal...
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    Match fees query

    As a fellow Kent ref I thought it just brought it into line with the vast majority of leagues in my area so I’m wondering whereabouts in county £40 is a downgrade (not so I can move there obviously), but also it was the whole council of the CFA that voted for it. We have to remember we’re not...
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    The Cup Final

    Not a tough game for Kevin Friend but imo didn’t put a foot wrong and the early dissent caution and then public warning to Holebas when he was pushing it were superb to actually see at the top level in a showpiece event and set himself up well to be in perfect control.
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    Play on or Failing to Respect the Distance

    Yeah I do agree with you both, I’ve done that before and probably would do it again just think it was because of a completely different defender grabbing it and shouting that I went letter of the law rather than a bit safer but we live we learn.
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    Teamsheets...what’s the dance?

    Check competition rules. Lots of youth competitions don’t require team sheets to match officials they just require both teams to check for ringers and registered players so they sort it between them. Adults will be clear normally that a match official has to receive them a set amount of time...
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    Play on or Failing to Respect the Distance

    Fun one today, nothing first half then two reds and five cautions second half. One caution and red to the same player in very quick succession. I’m pretty sure I’m right in law on what I did but just wondering if there’s another way to potentially deal with this. Second half team are 4-0 down...
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    City vs Wolves

    Even as a wolves fan can't argue with either, tackle by Boly is a red all day can't do that and Bennett's is a trip and a penalty. Think Pawson's been bang on and the Boly red is similar to the Jagielka one he gave in our game earlier this year in terms of the ball being won but the follow...
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    Anxiety on Match-day

    First post as a bit of a longer-term lurker but there's an issue that's been creeping up recently and it's been affecting my match-days and games with that. I suffer from generalised anxiety disorder anyway so there's that in the background, but this hasn't affected my match-days in the last...