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    Player pushed by fan

    In hindsight a few months on: Probably.. I was the AR administering the penalty, so I heard the fans jeering before hand. Honestly not sure if the referee had a word with the player about that before taking the penalty. Had my back to the incident afterwards though (this was my first game AR in...
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    Player pushed by fan

    Slightly reminds me of a game I AR’d in this season just passed, where early in the first half, home fans were making their way to the stands behind my sideline, and had to walk behind the goal (behind the fencing, so everything there is all good). At that point, the away team was awarded a...
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    Apple Watch Battery Life

    I use a series 6 now, but previously used a series 3 (both cellular/GPS models) using RefSix as it does my match card stuff, as well as heat maps/distance, and records it all into Apple workouts. the series 3 was horrible for battery life. I’d have to try and charge the watch between games to...
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    Japan v Matildas

    I agree. The ones that were straight red were, at least to my perspective, pretty clearly given for DOGSO by handball. what some players/pundits/coaches need to understand is that outside the penalty area, the goalkeeper is just another player..
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    Euro 2020 final

    As much as I probably still wouldn’t have, I can live with that explanation as to why if it was given VC
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    Euro 2020 final

    I didn’t really see anything wrong with the Chiellini yellow. Could never really be more than that. But Jorginho getting off with a yellow.. 🤔🤔😬😬 And I’m saying that as someone who was supporting Italy over in Australia.. The only really diminishing factors that I can see considered (and this...
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    Was refereeing kids football

    Haha told by who???
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    Let it flow, but blow for everything...

    Cobra Kai never dies
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    Position of IDFK for offside offences

    Depends on how close to the ball he got I think to be honest. But, in most instances, I wouldn’t be hesitant in calling the goal
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    Position of IDFK for offside offences

    Ah interesting. I was actually going to ask this exact question after I had a.. I guess I can call it a query, with the captain of a team when I told him to take the ball back on an IDFK from an offside a couple weeks back. I don’t know if my markings make sense. But, the red on the sideline...
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    Shirt Colours

    I’ve never worn a bib, I just bring my associations three choices to every game (volt yellow, black or blue) although, I have made an away team wear bibs on one occasion. Home team just got their new kits, (all white with black stripes), so they didn’t bring their clash kit. Away team for some...
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    The first (and second) time

    Yes, I was heading back quite slowly. This altercation happened near the halfway line though (Yellow #9 was a striker, Green #5 was a winger), which explains why it happened close-ish to the technical areas. Unfortunately, had CAR's and that one was situated on the other half and couldn't hear...
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    The first (and second) time

    Had a couple weeks off to just recharge my batteries, and came back to I think my best weekend in my 2 years so far. Did a reserve grade game where everyone was quite clean, just one yellow card to give out for a bad slide tackle (that was a bit mitigated by it starting to get wet, but still)...
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    Wengers/FIFA’s offside proposal

    I hope it's not my armpit, that would be one smelly line
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    Junior/Youth Delayed offside call

    So, I ended up asking what our protocol here is regarding non-neutral ARs in our league, and was basically told: * Try not to get them to do offsides * IF you trust them to do offsides, recommendation was to use the non-neutral AR's on their clubs attacking side, because 'if/when they do flag...
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    Ref Six - Watch

    Have been using Refsix since I started last year. Really, really good, especially with a pro subscription I've included a link from Refsix that list all the watches that are compatible with it As I said, been using it since I started refereeing last year...
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    Goalkeeper handball DOGSO (inside penalty area)?

    They probably expect a penalty on top of the goal 🤦🏻‍♂️
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    Odd KFTPM occurrence

    Yep, should be how it’s done, that’s how I’m supposed to do it. I’m assuming in the example I gave, the referee just didn’t manage that part of the procedure well on the day
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    Open Age First Adult Game as AR and boot Issues

    Yeah I have a spare pair of old white/black/pink Nike mercurials from when I used to play for that, but I think that will be the odd game out for me and those artificial ground boots will do. It’s more of a comfort thing since I don’t have to worry about kicking anymore
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    Dutch Referee Blog - Week 29 Laws of the Game Quiz 2020-2021

    Ah yes forgot to mention that too since he wasn’t playing the ball