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  1. GraemeS

    ATM v LFC

    A few incidents in last night's match have sparked some discussion on twitter, but I think I'm with the officials on all of them. 1st ATM goal - 2:41 - Long VAR delay around this, I presume asking the question if #11 interfered with the defender on the line from an offside position. Again I...
  2. GraemeS

    Nice vs Marseille

    Not sure there's much refereeing feedback in this, but wow...
  3. GraemeS

    Burnley v Brighton

    Just me who was surprised VAR didn't get involved around the push preceeding the Burnley goal?
  4. GraemeS

    Liverpool v Atalanta

    Did anyone watch the above match last night? Fairly unremarkable game from a footballing perspective, but it did contain one of the strangest top-level refereeing performances (from Carlos del Cerro Grande) I've seen in a while! For the vast majority of the match, he just seemed to be letting...
  5. GraemeS

    Liv v WH

    Goal disallowed by VAR for a foul on WH keeper....goal was given on the pitch and it looked to me as though mane slid under the keeper? Not C&O either way for me
  6. GraemeS

    GK Handball in the Middle of the Pitch

    Ref went yellow, VAR didn't get involved, majority of comments think it should be red. Thoughts?
  7. GraemeS

    Referee Explaining Decisions

    Australian A-league football again being innovative when it comes to fan engagement with referees: Think this is a good idea? This referee comes across well and does a good job, but I worry that a fumbled or poorly-worded explanation might make things worse. Also helps that he's able to...
  8. GraemeS

    Failing to Respect the Distance

    Had a first for me this weekend, two cautions in the same game for failing to respect the distance. To be honest, they both seemed fairly cast-iron, to me, but I do wonder if I set my bar a little too low in the moment? First one was a fairly straightforward trip near the half way line by a...
  9. GraemeS

    Liv v Nor

    Ooooooooooooooooh yeah, the PL is back! Half time and nothing particularly contorversial here. Commentators are desperate for some VAR controversy, but so far haven't had anything particularly interesting to nibble on. Thought a Norwich player was lucky to escape a caution for SPA about 15 mins...
  10. GraemeS

    Liv v Porto

    Ref already striking me as very unconventional in this one - letting a lot go, then on occasions when players have disputed the no call, he keeps wandering off out of position to try and calm them down while the game is still going on!
  11. GraemeS

    Forest Green v Colchester

    How many kit clashes can we spot in this video?
  12. GraemeS

    After-Match Fight

    So I had a bit of a fight kick off after my match today. Match was OK for the 90 minutes - Nothing in the first half at all, 2 "orange" yellows and a PI caution for the home team, a dissent yellow and an AA for a reaction to one of the tackles for the away team. Home team ended up winning...
  13. GraemeS


    I've seen the following clip circling twitter today from a Liverpool youth game - a late equaliser that has been controversial because a goal was scored while another ball was on the pitch. But I'm not sure there's anything wrong with this? There's no way that ball in the middle was...
  14. GraemeS

    Licking an Opponent!

    Had an incident today (in a match that got very heated later!) that I've not seen before. Two players square up to each other following some "afters" that didn't look like much to me, and while forehead to forehead, one sticks out his tongue and attempts to lick the face of the other player. I...
  15. GraemeS

    Sin Bin WebEx

    So, in preparation for my first experience with sin bins, I watched a recording of an online presentation given by an FA instructor. And following this presentation, I sent the following questions to my RDO (yes, I am "that guy"). I'd be interested to know what people here think about these...
  16. GraemeS

    Mark Halsey

  17. GraemeS

    Authority as AR

    A match this weekend left me with a couple of questions around how to go about managing players and benches without actually being the one with the cards and whistles. While the referee did a very good job with a difficult away team, I noticed a couple "minor" fouls that he seemed to...
  18. GraemeS

    Reentering play

    So I had a fairly contentious incident on Saturday that I wouldn't mind some input on. Home team is defending an attack and manage to get the ball out, but the clearance is horribly sliced. It just about goes out for a throw, but then spins dramatically backwards and over a fence into the...
  19. GraemeS

    Carlisle v Yeovile

    Can anyone explain a decision in the following clip that's confusing me? (Skip to 0:28)
  20. GraemeS

    On the Whistle

    I had an incident in my match last night - free kick just outside the "D" to a team a goal down in the dying seconds of a tight game. Obviously, I'm right on top of this to manage it ceremonially, including telling the player lining up to take the FK that it would be on the whistle. I walk the...