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    Goalkeeper sent off for punching own player Bet they have an interest dressing-room after the match.
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    Disaster Match

    @JBeil - it is good you have come on here and posted. An experience like this is a learning experience. I think you have already identified your own development point. Don't game manage, deal with the issues. I have always said, that the idiots spoil it for all. Dealing with the caution -...
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    step 3-6 observations

    Hi @Yampy Tag me as an observer in the York’s Pool to allow post match debriefs..
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    step 3-6 observations

    I have solution ...... Let's go back 25 years and do the report and no debrief. Send the report in the post......Referee doesn't know he has been assessed until the report arrives. So much fun. It works back then and produced some great referees - Poll, Riley, Durkin..... 🤣
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    step 3-6 observations

    To those active across L3 & L4 referees, the FA have just given update guidance regarding COVID. The main point is that post-match debriefs will still be done remotely :( So looks like I am going to be doing County level, unless the referee fancies 7.30 am call on Sunday morning.
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    U18 Referee Abuse

    @Jam Sorry to have heard about this. Ring Mark (details below) who is the referee development officer at West Riding CFA. He is a great guy and will be able to help you. CONTACT US Name: Mark Haywood Email: Phone: 0113 282 1222 (Option 4)
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    Nottinghamshire RA

    Contact the Notts CFA RDO and they should have the relevant contact details
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    Referee Retention - Open Letter

    Our league has just mandated that referees appointed by clubs (as we cannot supply them with a referee) must play the fee and expenses to the match official. Since our fees are split equally between clubs, the Away team can be paying for the Home coach to referee......
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    Referee Retention - Open Letter

    In the old days, when referees were appointed to league instead of being pooled. Higher Grade referees could only referee on their league or at grassroots level. There is a true story of George Courtney not having a Football League match, so if he wanted a game he did a local leageu match in the...
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    Offensive player standing inside goal on a corner kick

    Prefect Application of Law - I would be considering A 8.0 or 8.5 on any observation I did for you, if you did this..... But a 5.5 for Match Control.
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    5-4 Promotion seminar

    Sorry, Like Chas said attendance at the 5-4 seminars tends to be in person - It was always before COVID started. If you did become a L4, those meetings are arranged to be in person. They tend to me around 8 sessions around the country so you could be looking at the same distance for these...
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    Bench Side

    @socal lurker - one other reply is "well you yelled at me 10 minutes before that I could see an offside properly, so how the hell was I expected to see something 50 years away!". :)
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    CRB check

    Yes, because we are defined as "being in a position if responsibility".
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    CRB check

    As a referee, you are not placed in a position of responsibility for an u18 player. A coach for the team MUST be CRB checked, but as referee you don't if they are playing. Working with an U18 assistant is a more "grey" area, but given the shortage of referees at grassroots you are unlikely to...
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    Swearing at another player

    As a learning point, if there is an allegation that racist/sexist/homophobic, etc comments are made - even though you haven't heard it, you are still required to make that report to the CFA. Just say a player has mentioned this to you - the CFA will do the investigation
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    First aider dissent

    The correct approach is to RC him and advise him that he can only stay to treat players. Any further comments may be reported as separate misconduct reports - so one for each extra. Let the CFA deal with the proper procedure afterwards, but if get a RC report and 3 misconduct reports for the...
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    Referee retention idea

    It's not just football that having this problem.
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    Going To The Dark Side...

    Before making bold statements like that, you need a PM conversation with @es1 - given I have assessed him
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    Going To The Dark Side...

    So, that is incorrect. It will destroy you until you get to L2 and they you go "F*** IT". PS - As a L4, you should know that it is not match control, it is application of law and if you can't get that one right how will you know what a penalty is? Players equipment in Law 4, fouls is Law 12 -...
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    Going To The Dark Side...

    Welcome to the dark arts. We will teach you : How to write a report which bears no significance to the match you watched. How to explain one missed throw-in in the 89th minute ruined your whole performance How a cautioning technique is all wrong How to think that refereeing was better in the...