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  1. pankaye

    procedure for an abandoned game

    Quick one guys I abandoned a youth game in the 2nd half today after an injury to a serious injury to a player. I have already fired off an email to the ref secretary with the circumstances, scoreline etc. do I need to send off anything to the FA? if so how? the Whole game system seems to...
  2. pankaye

    misconduct report without WGS

    In my game today, a preseason friendly, I sent off a player for S1. As he was leaving he had a few choice words to say so additional misconduct. If I was using the WGS I would do a sending off and an extraordinary report as well. However the teams are not on WGS so I am having to send the old...
  3. pankaye

    throw in delivery question

    I saw this question posted on an American referee Facebook group. There has been a lot of to-ing and fro-ing in response. May I know what peoples thoughts are on this
  4. pankaye

    what your decision on this?

    What are peoples thoughts and considerations on this clip I took of an America facebook group? what elements are you looking to come to a decision and what decision will you make and any disciplinary action this is the same incident in slow motion
  5. pankaye

    Enforced substitution?

    This is a similar scenario to something i saw people arguing on facebook. Scenario: a youth player is injured but his coach won't sub him off. Neither he or I are doctors, but as a referee I judge that he'd be better off ieaving the game. The coach disagrees. Can you insist the player doesn't...
  6. pankaye

    Animal abuse during a game

    I saw this on an American referee facebook page: What action can a referee take (based on the LOTG) if a player brutally throws a dog that had wandered unto the field of play during a game?
  7. pankaye

    PIADM or Sending off

    Saw this on Facey and want to know what your opinions are on this.
  8. pankaye

    Goal coming off attackers hand.

    i saw a comment on american referee group on Facebook "My one exception to deliberate handling is I won't allow a goal scored by the hand. Whether deliberate or not" apparently FIFA (through Futuro) about disallowing every goal that comes of an attacker hand. what are your thoughts on this...
  9. pankaye

    penalty, simulation or neither

    what are your opinions on this. i saw this on a group on Facebook. an overwhelming majority see this as no penalty and no simulation. i must admit that i am one of those that do see the foul and agree with the penalty. i am prepared to change my mind. but need more experienced heads on here to...
  10. pankaye

    Advice about personal hearing

    I have been invited as a witness to a personal hearing for a manager who got reported by me (the AR) and the Ref for an incident after a game. Any advice on what to expect, dress codes etc. i have never attended one and i am quite nervous to be honest.
  11. pankaye

    throw in into goal

    I saw this on a facebook page and wanted to hear people thoughts on this. Can somebody help me with these Throw in questions? Thanks! 1. Attacking team throw in, the defending team keeper touch the ball with hand and the ball enters the goal. 2. Defending team throw in, the defending team...
  12. pankaye

    strange incident. but whats the correct action to be taken

    it seems blue 9 stole the lucky charm of the yellows keeper. but what is the corect response and restarts. i will have gone for sending off for blues 9 and yellows keeper and correct restart indirect free kick for yellows. any thoughts?
  13. pankaye

    operating manual for refscall flag

    can someone please do me a massive favour with helping me get a copy of this. I havnt used my flags for a couple of years and have forgotten how to pair them. I would be very grateful to anyone that can help me out please :):):):)
  14. pankaye

    does the GK have special protection from other players

    I saw this on a Facebook group. may I have the thoughts of you fine ladies and gents I've had numerous conversations with dads of goalkeepers and nearly all come away with the same responses, "The Keeper has a right to protect him/herself" or "as the referee, you have to defer to protecting...
  15. pankaye

    Player shouts to put off another player, easy decision, yellow card

    saw this on facebook Player shouts to put off another player, easy decision, yellow card If however that player is clean through on goal when he is distracted by a shout and sky's his shot, what's your decision?
  16. pankaye

    blink and you miss it
  17. pankaye

    recommendations for football boots

    hi everyone. could i tap on your experiences to recommend a new pair of boots for me. for the past few months i have been using Nike Tiempo Genio II But i find that i am having pain in the shins (i suspect shin splints) Anyway i have decided to invest in a new pair of good boots and want to...
  18. pankaye

    offside or penalty

    My apologies if this has been seen here before asitsover 2 years old what are your opinions on this. I will go with penalty + sending off
  19. pankaye

    A mate needs some help

    Gents, a lad I work with bought tickets to the Ireland v Belgium game in Bordeaux on June 18th. The problem is that he completely forgot when buying the tickets that it clashes with his wedding day. (He applied for tickets, didn't expect to get them, forgot about it but low and behold, they...
  20. pankaye

    Klinsmann's dive in WC 1990

    I know this is pretty old and has over the years probably been debated for years but that was well before i got into football and refereeing. I want to ask my esteemed referee colleagues what their thoughts are on this. putting aside Klinsmann's theatrics what would have been your decision if...