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    SFA Adidas Tops

    Hi All For all SFA Badge tops I am looking for £20 + pp each however open to offers for anyone who buys in bulk regardless of the year, both sets of tops have been worn for less games than some folk do on here in a month. For non SFA badge tops I am looking for £10 + pp each. If you buy in...
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    Leaving FOP

    Hi All Looking for some advice as seen in the Rangers game at the weekend - I'll try and find a video if I can. Scenario: Hibernian Goalkeeper taking goal kick and hits it to the right hand side of the half way line Hibernian right back is off the field of play Starts ON the FoP Hibernian...
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    McGregor at it again

    Sometimes I think he believes he is Conor McGregor rather than Alan however my question is should this be a red card for VC or SFP?
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    Positioning at Corner

    Hi All, Hoping for some advice. The guidance I have been given for positioning at corner kicks is: Goal line at 6yd area at back post. I understand the idea - without ARs it is easier for offside calls and some offences although when two players challenge for the ball - especially when...
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    Rangers Vs Kilmarnock

    Check out @Bazzinho9’s Tweet: Goalkeeper clearly nudges with elbow - enough for the straight red?
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    Cup Game PKs Positioning

    Hi All, I have a cup game this weekend with the possibility of it going to PKs should a draw occur - I have referee'd both teams before and each time it's ended a draw unfortunately. My question is should the game go to PKs in the event of a draw, where do I ask both teams to stand? Should...
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    Foul leading to goal?

    I thought this would have been a foul on Dundee #2 especially if he appealed? Can someone explain why it wasn't a foul? Had the player just given up due to score and didn't appeal? To me it looks like he's being held down/pulled?
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    Simulation Question

    Think I've made a mistake at the weekend and hoping for a bit of advice - Striker running towards ball (terrific through ball I must say) and defender has a hold on the back of his shirt - if striker gets pulled to the ground I'm giving penalty and for whatever reason the striker decides to...
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    Injury time in Champions League Qualifier tonight and referee gives a penalty for this handball. Personally, I wouldn't be giving this as a penalty although would love to know the general consensus and if I should re-evaluate my handballs? For me: - Completely accidental and not deliberate...
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    Archiving Teamlines

    This is probably a stupid question but when do you 'bin' team lines from old matches? I have a stack of team lines in one of my cupboards and have always been cautious on getting rid of them. Every teamline, report etc I have made I keep in my google drive as to have a backup however I'm worried...
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    SFA Referee Kit 2018 The new kit is launched and I really like it and am starting to prefer it over the old one, probably going to pick one up when I get paid. A question I have though is according to the above...
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    Goal? No Goal?

    Skip to 40 seconds. It looks like the ball has been played out the keepers hands although attempt at the ball was made before keeper had it in his hands - would this still be considered in control? I honestly don't know with this one and I'm "on the fence" to an answer but you can't do that on...
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    Game on?

    Found this on a Junior (Scottish word for non-league) forum I follow. Based on some of these pictures, I wouldn't have played this game although referee seems more than happy - I guess the kitman isn't as happy! What do you think? Game on...
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    Prematch Warmup Routine

    I've been watching various different people recently and everyone seems to have a different routine. Personally mines is a few jogs between the touchline and half way line with some sprints - mainly no set routine and no stretching although other refs seem to be more structued. What do you do...
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    General Fitness Improvement Tips

    I was wondering if you could provide me with some tips on improving my overall fitness as a referee. I find that during training my jog speed (which I can run endlessly and still have a conversation at) is almost half the speed of everyone else – even people with a bit more ‘junk in the trunk’...
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    Extremely Late 'Challenge' Skip to 4.30, what do you think about this? Referee awards YC although I was under the impression a 'challenge' like this would be red? Not even an attempt for the ball.
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    Yellow Card?

    Two points, 1) should handball been second yellow or red card? 2) Why wasn't first challenge red card? Can someone please explain why a red/yellow card wasn't awarded for this deliberate hand ball? Initially the referee allows the goal before the linesman informs him deliberate hand ball...
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    Aspiring Referee (Hopefully)

    Hi Everyone, I've been thinking about it for months and I've finally bitten the bullet and signed up to be a referee in the SFA - my course starts in August to become a Category 7 Referee assuming I pass. I'm 20 (a whole fifth of a century!) so I hope I can do this for years to come. I was...