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    Goalkeeper sent off for punching own player Bet they have an interest dressing-room after the match.
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    step 3-6 observations

    To those active across L3 & L4 referees, the FA have just given update guidance regarding COVID. The main point is that post-match debriefs will still be done remotely :( So looks like I am going to be doing County level, unless the referee fancies 7.30 am call on Sunday morning.
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    Middlesbrough sending off

    As seen on twitter Red Card?
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    Euro 2020 final

    New thread for discussion on the final. Other thread now closed
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    First match back

    So, after 13 weeks off who is looking forward to getting back out there? What matches have you got? What excites you? What worries you? And do you think you are fit enough?
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    Rangers v Slavia Prague

    Just a normal night out in Glasgow, so was this real a RC?
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    FA.guidance for COVID 19, issued 1st December 2020

    lincs22 submitted a new resource: FA.guidance for COVID 19, issued 1st December 2020 - The latest guidance on the restart Read more about this resource...
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    NCEL postpone restart until Jan

    For those members who referee in the Yorkshire Pool on NCEL, you have December off. The NCEL have postponed all their matches in December, as the clubs didn't want to have to play behind closed doors. There is going to be a rush to get the fixtures in, both for the league and the referees...
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    Man U v Spurs

    Luke Shaw - SFP or was it just a YC? Discuss
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    Man city v foxes

    3 penalties against Man City - record? @es1 - how do you feel?
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    Level 2B, 3 and 4 Observers Manual

    lincs22 submitted a new resource: Level 2B, 3 and 4 Observers Manual - Updated manual for new process Read more about this resource...
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    Referee assaults

    Didn't take long for them to start I think the player needs more that mental health issues help - he should have a 7 year sit-down.
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    COVID-19 and Scottish Football

    While not referee related, thoughts on this would be interesting. Scottish Government bans matches Thoughts of what should happen to the players concerned. For the Celtic player who went to Spain, I think a 14 ban and 2 week fine should be the minimum. As he played, and was ineligible, there...
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    20-21 Season restart

    The FA issued guidance last week about getting football going. Looks like early Set will be the probable start date - but interestingly, the FA rules out joint travel for match...
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    How many have thought of doing this?

    Abingdon Town refuse to play after going 8-0 down to rivals Abingdon United -
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    Referee assault - at least some punishment! The justice system has produced a financial penalty for an assault. Would be interesting to fine out what the CFA did? Possibly had a strong word with him...
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    Bul v England

    Well, a more interesting start. Potential RC for Henderson And a stunner from Rashford.
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    The future of refereeing? So, replacing assistants with robots - that means the Russians will win the next world cup ...
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    Should clubs be fined for supporters behaviour?

    On the BBC website, Stevenage have been fined for sexist comments against a female official. The article seems to be they are moaning about being fined - would a points deduction be more effective?
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    Is this is what junior football has become?

    Seriously, U11's managers!!!!!!