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    Out of curiosity how does everyone complete their scorecards? I have my first league game on Sunday, and it’s not something mentioned in the course. Do you fill it out beforehand with all the names or leave it blank and just write down any players that are cautioned or scored? Understand it’s...
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    Whole game system

    Quick one hopefully, do you have to record friendly matches on the whole game system? Or is this optional/ only if there’s cautions etc
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    First game done

    First game done u11s friendly match, few little tackles here and there but nothing major! Forgot to start the watch at the start haha but was quickly rectified! Probably need to work on positioning a little bit but guessing that will come with experience. Thrown in the deep end with no ARs so...
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    U11s football rules

    Hello everyone, Im hoping to ref an U11s game this weekend but upon looking for some information on rules etc I’m struggling to find anything! If anyone has any information please let me know or a handy guide. My understanding is that it is mainly the standard Lotg but 30 mins halves. Offsides...
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    Signed up!

    Officially signed up to a league for the first time, did my course about 3 months ago so need to dust the cobwebs off! Haven’t reffed a game yet but hoping to get involved in some friendlies to get a feel for it. Think the main thing I am taking into it is to just enjoy it and everything else...
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    Just completed course

    Hello, I have just completed my course and now have to do my 5 games. Do you recommend doing these 5 in the youth leagues to get experience or go straight into adult Sunday league? Would be interested to hear what others have done or recommend. Thank you!