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  1. refereekid

    sex bots

    just a warning that these links are going around, do not press on them as they contain malicious software
  2. refereekid

    Junior/Youth First observation

    was observed on one of my first ever games as a referee and cant lie im really happy with this
  3. refereekid

    First game after my course

    hi everyone, i have my first of 5 matches i need to be qualified on monday and need some advice ive refereed a few games in the past and looking back i dont think i really did the pre match routine properly (i.e talking to managers and club assistants pre match) and need some advice on how to...
  4. refereekid


    hi guys ive just emailed the leagues i wish to referee as ive just completeed my course as some of u may have seen and i also put in a request to referee a few academy games, i was just wondering wether these games would have photographers at the games snapping photos of players and maybe match...
  5. refereekid

    completed my course!

    completed my course yesterday - the new and improved fa course introduced recently after courses were allowed again after covid, just got to do my 5 games then onto my first season, wish me luck
  6. refereekid

    What badges should i get on my kit?

    im doing my course this weekend and was wondering what badges i should get on my kit after my 5 games and what type of badges (ie sew ons iron ons etc) should i get the FAMOA badge on its own or both the FAMOA badge and my county badge and also what sides should these badges be on? all advice...