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    What a horrible injury. Now I am not questioning the red card, but this shows exactly why tackles from behind are so dangerous. Really hope Elliot gets better soon - the worst part of the game!
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    Sold Nike SS with embroidery for sale

    Nike SS shirt with FAMOA embroidery for sale. Selling as I’m not a fan of embroidery and is less than 12 months old. Will be able to send in a week and a half as on hols. DM if interested. Looking for £10 (inc p&p)
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    Hearing Issues

    So, I will keep this short. I have some hearing loss (not due to refereeing), and as such, am having to be more aware of protecting my hearing. I am wondering if anyone else here uses any sort of earplugs etc.? As a musician, I have moulded musician earplugs, but these are specifically to...
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    Summer training

    So... after getting back into it all, my general fitness has improved however, I have some things that I really want to work on and would be interested in some tips from fitness gurus! 1. General stamina is ok - but want to get my acceleration up a bit 2. Calf muscles are quite weak and take...
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    Sunscreen Fail

    So - Apparently, I should have worn sunscreen this weekend. I look like a round lobster now! Anyone else made the same bad life choice??
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    LOTG 2021-22 (Out in June 2021)

    Hi all, Looking ahead to this, and have seen LOTG are for sale in June. I have the app, but you cannot beat the actual book (well that is my opinion). Delivery is around £25-30, so it is not really cost effective to purchase individually. Would anyone be interested in putting something...
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    Best performance yet!

    Have to say - had a double header today and think it’s the best performance I’ve done yet this season. Kept up with play but also had good dialogue with players and managed behaviour well. Had a few bookings (one resulted in a red for 2 cautions - first one of the season for me!) and one sin...
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    Write-on Match Record-keeping

    Hi all, I am aware that this is a regularly discussed topic. I am looking at trying to design a solid template for us mere mortals at GR level so that we can write details down, whilst it being on a waterproof card and easily accessible. The rationale for this is that I find that many other...
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    3G Pitch - Reasonably priced boots in a hurry

    Hi all, Have just found out that I might be in the middle on Sunday morning on a 3G pitch. Can anyone recommend any reasonably priced, moulded and easily attainable (click and collect today) boots sub £50 please? Many thanks in advance.
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    WWFC v LFC

    What are people’s opinions on the 2’ penalty incident? I am (clearly) biased, but I am wondering why VAR didn’t intervene. Interested to hear other non-biased opinions.
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    Cheap but durable flags

    Hi all I hope that everyone is safe and well! I’m just getting stuff organised for when we get out of lockdown in 2037. I have bought some nice touchline flags (Premier flags), however, I don’t want to use these when I have CARs. I did have some cheap flags from A&H but unfortunately they...
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    Open Age First game back in 8 years!

    Had my first game in the middle today since 2012. Really good fun and some quality football. Home team - blue Away team - red Home team were 2 goals up in 10 minutes they really caught reds napping. 12th minute, Away team get one back and then at 20 mins their keeper takes a goal kick and...
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    FA referees Store

    Hi there all, I am now re-registered as a referee after a long break (Whoopee!). I am wondering if anyone has any expert advice regarding: For some reason I cannot logon to the site... Am I being thick? Tristan
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    Getting Started Again

    Hello, I’m new here. I used to ref in Birmingham leagues. Haven’t been for about 10 years. How does one go about getting back involved? I’m now in Surrey/S London. Last time I re-registered was the 2013-14 season. I have emailed Birmingham FA about transfering to Surrey and emailed Surrey...