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  1. Justylove

    Referee Retention - Open Letter

    Saw this posted and the follow-up video. Big drop off in numbers of referees in the game and I'm sure it's not just limited to North Riding.
  2. Justylove

    Competition Rules Are Important

    A stark warning that not knowing the specific competition rules can have serious consequences, in this case a replayed FA Cup fixture with a lot of disruption for all involved.
  3. Justylove

    Team GB v Aus

    Managed to catch normal time of the QF game today. Wasn’t overly impressed by the referee. She seemed late on a lot of decisions. Not managed to catch much of the football in the tournament, however did expect a better standard of refereeing at this stage in the competition.
  4. Justylove

    Open Age After almost 8 years - It's Over!

    Pre season friendly tonight and had my first ever 0-0. Come close before but the teams tonight could have played until next preseason and still not scored!
  5. Justylove

    Old Firm Send Off

    Game is 0-0 and referee sends Celtic player off for DOGSO. Neil Lennon thinks it's wrong because he believes Ajer will get back to cover. For me I think it's the right decision, don't see the defender getting back, distance and control boxes are also ticked. Only minor question mark for me...
  6. Justylove

    Waited 5 Months For This

    Tonight I've got my county cup final. It should have taken place in May, but finally goes ahead tonight. Looking forward to rare occasion of leading a team of 4 tonight.
  7. Justylove

    First Postponement Of The Season!

    Was really looking forward to my first competitive Step 6 middle as a L4 today. Got a call last night that one of the teams have returned positive Covid tests so the game is off. I’m guessing this is going to be the “new normal”
  8. Justylove

    Spectators allowed back at Steps 3-6

    Announcements today that Spectators will be allowed back at Step 3-6. Guidelines as to the % of capacity at each step are in place, however should be a welcome boost to clubs to be able to start the season and generate income from games. From the start of the season (with some caveats) Steps 5...
  9. Justylove

    Opening Game Of French Season Postponed

    This Friday's opening fixture in Ligue 1 has been postponed as Marseille have had 4 players test positive for Covid. French football authorities have the threshold for postponement as 3 cases.
  10. Justylove

    Supply League Postive Covid Test

    One of the teams that plays in the Supply League that I operate on has announced that 2 of their players have tested positive for Covid. Them and the opposition team are now isolating and have both had to cancel upcoming fixtures and training. Both currently affected players are apparently...
  11. Justylove

    Fitness Tests Step 6 and Above

    There are some whispers going around that there will be no fitness tests this year for referees and the guidance seems to be: If you passed a fitness test last year, then you won’t need to do one this year, however fitness will be considered as part of the assessment criteria. If you didn’t...
  12. Justylove

    Fifa president under investigation

    Interesting news that’s just hit the wires.
  13. Justylove

    Bournemouth and Goal Line Technology

    According to the BBC Bournemouth are considering legal action around the non allowed Goal in the Sheffield United v Aston Villa game. Had the goal been given, it would have meant that Villa got relegated not Bournemouth. IFAB laws are clear, but it could get messy, especially with the amounts...
  14. Justylove

    Promotion Letters Are Out

    I know, cos I got one confirming my promotion to L4 (subject to passing the fitness test)
  15. Justylove

    Nomination Letter

    Got my 5-4 nomination letter today. Now in hands of FA to decide and up to me to make sure I can pass the fitness test whenever that may take place!
  16. Justylove

    Dissent by word or action

  17. Justylove

    Best Ground and Biggest Crowd You've Refereed?

    Just wondering what the best ground you've refereed at is and what the biggest crowd you've ever had at one if your games. For me the best ground was St Mary's Stadium home of Premier League Southampton and it was in front of just over 1200 people.
  18. Justylove

    Referee With 4th Official

    I got appointed to a County Cup middle where I'll have a 4th official as well I've done plenty of games leading a team of 3, but never one with a 4th before. Typically in a 3 the senior AR keeps the match record in case of needing to come on. I know the 4th official will do this, but is there...
  19. Justylove

    English Refs Fail FIFA Fitness Test Daily Mail is reporting that Andy Madley and David Coote both failed the FIFA fitness test. However apparently both were suffering...
  20. Justylove

    Final 5-4 Observation Done

    That's my final 5-4 observation done, it also happened to come on my first ever supply league middle. It's been a valuable experience and I've learnt a lot from the process.