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    Interesting U13 experience

    Could you not play advantage, but make it clear you are coming back to deal with the challenge and then book the player after the game has stopped? Re CAR, in this neck of the woods at every age inc open age the CAR does in and outs only. Yep we call offsides as we see it and some will be wrong...
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    Strangest thing you've seen

    In my first Sunday league open age match, the 4 corner flags were various sized branches taken from the trees next to the pitch with hi viz jackets hung on them
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    Stoke City v Barnsley

    The penalty, thought keeper made no attempt to play the ball, possibly lunged at player then man handled ref?
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    Stoke City v Barnsley

    Anyone else thinking the keeper should've been sent off?
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    Referee retention idea

    I think that there needs to be more support and training for referees. The teams that behave badly do so as it's just in their DNA and fines or scores against them won't change their behaviour. As a football coach, there are numerous practical training courses available that I can participate...
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    Sin bin question

    2 sin bins he can be replaced by a sub. But, in this scenario he is in the bin, then commits a yellow card offence so can’t be replaced. I think this is quite common. Player shows dissent, is cautioned as in sent to sin bin, then sarcastically claps the referee. Yellow card offence so can’t...
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    Referee Retention - Open Letter

    Maybe a weekend of all grass roots referee dropping whistle and taking a stance #themendressedinblacklivesmatter(and women too)
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    Abusive language and dissent

    That was never a foul ref, yep hear that every game. But as soon as they add you f pr1ck it is definitely aimed at you and can only be a red. At that point the majority of his team mates will ask him why he’s so stupid
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    Luminated paper

    Am I the only one that just simply uses a police style notebook with a pencil?
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    Multiple 11 asides

    Not being funny refeire, but this sounds like bullying. If you're moving to England, then just put your foot down and say no. If you get no games then so be it. You shouldn't be bullied in a game to change a decision and you shouldn't be bullied into doing all of these games in this manner...
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    4 player fight not reported and they were replaced!

    I had an open age game on Tuesday evening. Cautioned a player for a reckless tackle on the half hour mark, subsequently sinbinned a another player who protested at my decision, then had to follow it up with a red card after an even worse verbal assault. Opposition coach then called me over and...
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    Mass brawl

    Will add Luke, if you can manage Sunday league games, you can pretty much manage anything
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    Mass brawl

    I find it almost impossible when refereeing alone to translate who did what to who. Prefer to file the misconduct reports and leave it to the powers that be. If the brawl stops pretty quick I do find by asking the first 2 players that instigated to come to me, they usually do
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    Watching the ball or the players

    Just make sure you watch the ball as the goal kick is taken. No matter where you stand, the keeper always seems to aim for the referee!
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    Signed up!

    Best of luck. Strongly recommend you familiarise yourself with the league rules for the league you are going to officiate it. Make sure you enjoy it
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    Open Age Dissent with no caution / Crowd encroachment.

    Do you think its fair to put this on the home team manager to deal with his spectators at grassroots level? Absolutely. Most league rules state that the managers of the teams are responsible for their own line which includes spectators. I don't even engage with spectators or players not on the...
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    First game coming up at the weekend

    Don’t tell the players it’s your first game. Save that for when you’re experienced, get some priceless looks when you tell players it’s your first one and they don’t know whether to believe you or not. above all else though, make sure you enjoy it and do some self reflection afterwards so you...
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    DBS information

    If you have a child workforce one you’re okay. If you don’t, once you do the FA one, you subscribe to that one. Apologies should’ve made that clearer
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    Getting Ready for 21/22

    Love this about donating to Africa, never even considered doing this with my referee kits.
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    DBS information

    Just a tip if you are renewing, it's well worth subscribing to the DBS update service. Once done you won't need to renew it again and the FA can check it for free each year or as many times as they wish. Also, you can use the DBS at other places too without the need for a new one