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  1. Justylove

    Strangest thing you've seen

    🤣 team was made up of staff.
  2. Justylove

    Strangest thing you've seen

    Cricket June as a player many years ago. Played a cricket game at a High Security mental hospital. We played on the pitch just outside the really secure area where the real nasties are housed. Our opening bat was just about to face the first delivery when he got asked to move his van as it...
  3. Justylove

    Derby County red card .

    Nailed on red card. To clarify - I've not watched the incident, however as a Forest fan, I know it's a clear red without watching. Disgraceful challenge, ban him for 10 games.
  4. Justylove

    Referee Retention - Open Letter

    Wow, if it's bad at that level of the pyramid, can't imagine what it's like further down for coverage
  5. Justylove

    Referee Retention - Open Letter

    Just to emphasise how bad things seem to be from a narrow perspective. On a WhatsApp group I'm on with a small number of fellow referees: 1 of them has a Vase middle today. He's currently on his 14th (I kid you not) Assistant for the game. The latest one is double booked and was trying to come...
  6. Justylove

    Tips for identifying offender

    I've struggled with this since moving up to L4. Will definitely make a conscious effort to do that.
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    Isn't it great when EVERYONE agrees with you ...

    I did a cup tie recently. Great game, was 4-4 in the 81st minute and I awarded a penalty to the away side. It was an absolute stonewall, I was also in a great position to give it. When I hit the whistle there was a collective groan and even the home manager (who has a reputation as being quite...
  8. Justylove

    defenders pushing in the penalty area

    Yep fully agree. Players, fans and clubs hate surprises at higher levels. You start giving unexpected decisions then it's going to kill you in the game. That's not just awarding a penalty when no-one is expecting it, it counts for not issuing a caution where everyone is expecting it as well...
  9. Justylove

    Do forfeited matches count towards suspension?

    Spot the former county FA discipline department member....
  10. Justylove

    Tattoos In Football

    He now owns the Sawmill with his brother, but yes did start at the bottom in the company.
  11. Justylove

    Cutting the Grass

    Yeah I think it's another example of the differences as you go higher up the pyramid, much like the thread on advantage where it was discussed at 4 and below you signal at the time and then bring back if it doesn't accrue, but at L3 the expectation is to wait until it accrues to signal it...
  12. Justylove

    Advice on handling interactions with players

    Yep it's ok to give a very quick explanation of what and why, but don't let it descend into a discussion. You can head those situations off with comments like: "You've asked, I've told you, we're not having a discussion about it, we're getting on with the game" If the player then carries on...
  13. Justylove

    Threshold for OFFINABUS

    Simple thing is, that by doing it, the player is handing control to the referee. They can have 0 complaints if the referee decides to bin them
  14. Justylove

    Referee retention idea

    Yes isn't it strange that when there are rules to be enforced and the people at the top are rigourous about making sure they are, that change happens.....
  15. Justylove

    Referee retention idea

    I see 2 types of bad behaviour issues: 1) Where it's a small number of people in a specific team, most of the others don't condone the behaviour. Peer pressure and the threat of not dealing with the issue will lead to the problem people either stopping their behaviour or being chucked out of...
  16. Justylove

    Referee retention idea

    In my experience, when a non problem side plays a toxic side, the non problem side doesn't really enjoy the game anyway. Once examples are made, teams will either kick the offender's out OR will end up folding due to the fines that they face. Short term pain for mid term gain. Also there...
  17. Justylove

    Referee retention idea

    Ohh an add a penalty points system that dissent and offences against a ref counts towards. Hit a certain number of points and your team's gets banned for X games (and forfeits them 5-0). For the most part it's a small minority that cause the problems. Make them the problem for the clubs and...
  18. Justylove

    Referee retention idea

    Double the penalties for anyone committing an offence against a match official. OFFINABUS against a match officialgoes to 6 matches and a £30 fine for a first offence and goes upwards from there. Players and coaches will either learn quickly or will be spending a significant amount of time...
  19. Justylove

    U12 academy match

    Yes I would, reasons being: 1) You are the referee and ultimately in charge. Unless you tell your AR's what you want, how are they supposed to know? 2) Its good practice to get into giving instructions when leading a team of 3
  20. Justylove

    U12 academy match

    Don't need to give anything to the teams. At that age group the captain is largely ceremonial so no point brining them in of you have a problem. Obviously brief your assistants. Key things are really about credibility and where you want them to come in and lead. On throw ins, you'll often...