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    NFS Summer Series

    So, this futsal series has been running for the last month or so and has cumulated in the finals to be played Sunday June 27. They're live on BT Sport and being streamed on YouTube too: Women's: Men's Tier 2: Men's Tier 1:
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    2020-21 Law Changes

    See here:
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    Handball creating goal scoring opportunity...

    For those who didn't see it, in the 70th minute of last night's Copa America match between Colombia and Chile, there was a handball incident in the penalty area that created a goal scoring opportunity (heck, an outright goal!) -- this is a good example of a handball call that would be called...
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    New FA PGMO DOGSO presentation

    Was passed this video link tonight from an FA email. ~15minute video from PGMO, quite interesting, and looks to be a fantastic resource. Conference 2016 Workshop - DOGSO.mp4?dl=0
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    IFAB Laws of the Game 2016 overhaul

    The Associated Press posted an article today listing several of the overhauls the LotG are going through this year. The big one? Compiling the interpretations into the Laws themselves, and thus taking the size from ~22000 words to ~12000. Others include fixing several ambiguities...
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    Help: Canadian Ref moving to London

    A friend of mine became a referee here in Ontario at the start of this season (April) and is moving to London (somewhere near Milwall/Fulham/Chelsea area as I understand it) for a year or so for school stuff. He's interested in continuing his refereeing while he's over there, and has put in (at...
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    AFCON2015 Trickery in CIV v Mali

    Last week when the Ivory Coast played Mali in the African Cup, there was a moment of trickery in the first half around the 39th minute. The referee correctly stopped play and awarded an indirect free kick from the point of the trickery (as opposed to where the GK handled), but neglected to give...