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  1. haywain

    Head Injury?

    :rolleyes: Good job she wasn't heading a 'casey', it would have taken her bl@@dy head off! :)
  2. haywain

    Well done, Shrimpers!

    Burton Albion :rolleyes:
  3. haywain

    Well done, Shrimpers!

    ......see you in div 1 :(
  4. haywain

    Fabregas Red

    ....or even a Star Wars convention
  5. haywain

    5 red cards in five minutes

    found some good footage
  6. haywain

    5 red cards in five minutes
  7. haywain

    Tournament moment ....

    last week's referee - pah! :)
  8. haywain

    What is an acceptable length of time for a delayed kick off?

    tho' competition rules may insist on it never been sure why competitions think that they can ignore lotg just by writing something in their own rules mind
  9. haywain

    Liverpool v Palace Zaha goal

    stevie g needs to go before he turns into a completely miserable sod. But i agree with you on both points above, monkey. quality of refereeing in the premier league is not what it should be.
  10. haywain

    Blackpool - what punishment do they deserve?

    0-0 result! :) i think we have a new strategy for next season - score early and then get the game abandoned win / win for supporters and management alike
  11. haywain

    What would you do...

    Good question I'm going for allow the goal my thought process - i compared it with a defender handling the ball on the line to save a certain goal but, before you can whistle, for penalty and sending off, a striker gets to the ball first and lashes it home. You should give the goal for that...
  12. haywain

    The season cant end soon enough quite frankly!

    Ignored her as in didn't do anything at all about her language?
  13. haywain

    Craig Langton

    i can just see the joint statement from Nottingham FA and the Fire Brigade Union echoing your sentiments, deusex....not :( Are you a united fan by any chance?
  14. haywain

    Craig Langton one of us :(
  15. haywain

    Professional Foul ...?

    Not often that you see F.A. and integrity in the same thread
  16. haywain

    Professional Foul ...?

    In the interests of credibility and future match control no doubt :eek:
  17. haywain

    Open Age Offside goal in a final

    Is that how you read it, Beezer? I, like some others on here, happen to value honesty and integrity more than i ever will credibility and match control. Doesn't mean i don't get things wrong, spectacularly on the odd occasion, but i will never knowingly give a wrong decision just because it...
  18. haywain

    Referee County Development Program

    Well you're no oil painting yourself, brian Interpret it how you will but it ain't jealousy, i assure you :eek:
  19. haywain

    Open Age Offside goal in a final

    I stopped reading this thread halfway through Credibility and match control over integrity and honesty Pukeworthy :(:poop:
  20. haywain

    Referee County Development Program

    Isn't cynicism good for hayfever :rolleyes: