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  1. Kes

    Unable To Get FA Safeguarding Children Recertification Module To Work

    Been trying to do this on the FA Learning Site Today. Logged in with FAN, clicked the "start course" tab and I'm presented with the 5 Module boxes to undertake chronologically. Every time I try to click on or load Module 1, it just says "Not available unless etc". :( My 2 previous...
  2. Kes

    April 23rd.

    Happy St George's Day everyone. 🙂 Bring me my bow of burning gold: Bring me my arrows of desire: Bring me my spear: O clouds unfold! Bring me my chariot of fire. I will not cease from mental fight, Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand Till we have built Jerusalem In England's green and pleasant...
  3. Kes

    Breakaway European League.

    Word on the street is that Man Utd, Liverpool, Chelsea, Man City, Arsenal and Tottenham have all signed up to it. Real controversy. What are the members thoughts?
  4. Kes

    Kids And Wearing Spectacles (Again!!)

    We've discussed this subject on more than one occasion on here before I know. Most of us are of the opinion that only sports glasses or goggles intended for use in contact sport are permissible, even though it's not enshrined as such within the wording of Law 4. I rarely do kid's games but was...
  5. Kes

    New Career - Flyer attached

    I can no longer survive on the pittance that grass roots refereeing provides. I'm about to move into the big time doing what I love and do best. 20% discount for existing RefChat members. Book now and avoid the rush. You know you want to. :):cool:
  6. Kes

    Grass Roots Season Curtailment (?)

    Just heard from my County (Army) FA that the rest of the season is effectively binned. (No surprises really). Anybody else had anything from their County FA's yet?
  7. Kes

    Canny Refereeing

    Ever bluffed your way out of a tight spot/bad decision on the field? I have, luckily. :D Thought I'd share with you an incident which took place for me a few weeks back. County League Premier Division match. Tight game, atrocious weather, the score is 0-0 at half time and there have been no...
  8. Kes

    Double Header Appointment.

    Got one coming up this Saturday. :oops: Both open-age. 1pm kick off followed by a 3.30pm kick off (same venue). Both 90 mins, both full match fee. At age 54, it's gonna test the old hamstrings somewhat and my sometimes dodgy Achilles but it seems there's a bit of a referee shortage in our...
  9. Kes

    Have I Missed A Trick?

    Okay, just wanted a bit of constructive input on something that occurred on my match on Saturday because I'm not sure if I did the right thing or not. Feisty game, plenty of physicality, some legal, some not. Home team 2-0 down at half time. Away team take their foot off the gas second half...
  10. Kes

    Blades v Man Utd

    Anybody feel the 1st goal should have been ruled out for a foul on Jones?
  11. Kes

    Watching the Citeh match ...

    Come on Chelsea!! :D
  12. Kes

    Coin Toss (New Laws) - Question

    Maybe I'm being a bit thick (in which case - feel free to slag me off in the usual but polite manner :D ) but, having read the amendment to the above, I'm still unsure as to what option is to be given to the team that "loses" the toss. It's clear that we now give the option of either choosing...
  13. Kes

    Calling An Opponent "Big Nose!!"

    Happened to me in an OA match this weekend. 12 mins to go and, having just dismissed A3 for a Kung Fu challenge on H7, as I'm watching him walk across the field to the changing rooms before restarting play with the DFK one of the home teams shouts "See you later Big Nose!" There were no howls...
  14. Kes

    Toon v Burnley

    From first whistle to first free kick - 19 mins 28 seconds. How often do you see that at any level - let alone the EPL?!! :cool:
  15. Kes

    How About A Nice (Refereeing) Limerick?

    As a ref, I was forced to explain, "It's not me, it's the Laws Of The Game" "So please shut your gob, get on with YOUR job, And kindly let me do the same". Just a bit of light-hearted fun you understand. ;):cool: Anybody else feel up to throwing something together? I know you're out there .... :D
  16. Kes

    Ever had one of those days?

    You know, you wake up, you haven't slept particularly well, mainly because the cold you thought you'd shaken off seems to have returned with a vengeance. You're aching all over, full of snot and when you look out of the window to see the cold damp rain coming down, you really really wish that...
  17. Kes

    What's happened to SM?

    Not seen anything from him for a while now. Has he stood down? Hope he's okay .... :) :cool:
  18. Kes

    Chewing Gum Whilst Refereeing.

    Seen a few referees doing it over the years at Grass Roots level. What's your take on it? Do you do it? Do you think it should be permitted? I know we often see GKs chewing gum during top flight games but can't say I've ever seen a referee chewing at that level. What d'yall reckon fellow...
  19. Kes

    How Old Are You?

    Just curious as to the average age of forum members. Assuming that we represent the broad spectrum of referees across the UK (notwithstanding or precluding those members we have on here from overseas) I'd expect our average age to be in the 30-40 year old bracket. (?) I know that there are...
  20. Kes

    Fastest Sausage & Chips In a While ....

    Interesting FA Cup match at the weekend. Assistant Referee in what was a good tight match for around 80 mins but that descended into utter chaos in injury time. Well refereed in my opinion but ended the match with 4 dismissals and 4 cautions!! :eek: Obligatory post-match refreshments were an...