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  1. bester

    Copa America - Ball hits referee

    From 45 seconds Most bizarre thing is the advantage signal.
  2. bester

    Euro 2021 - Turkey Vs Italy

    On the red button to avoid Jenas so can't rewind but did the assistant give offside from a corner kick in the first couple of minutes of the second half?
  3. bester

    Man United v Liverpool

    Astonishing decision by VAR to overrule a penalty given by Taylor. A lunge from Bailly catching Phillips studs up in the shin, due to a faint touch on the ball. I thought they were reviewing it for a red card. Replay only showed in slow motion.
  4. bester

    Mark Halsey VAR offside

    Mark Halsey arguing VAR should overrule an assistants offside flag and allow a goal because the technology isn't 100% accurate. Couldn't make it up " Even though the Assistant indicated offside imo we know technology is not 100% in those situations var should allow the goal, as I said we are to...
  5. bester

    Second sin-bin - KFTPM

    Player receives two sin bins in a match meaning (System B) he can't return but can be substituted at the end of the second sin bin period. The second sin bin hasn't expired at the end of the match 1) can he take part in penalty kicks? 2) If not can a substitute replace him?
  6. bester

    Own Goal advantage double touch?

    Scenario goalkeeper takes a goal kick / free kick, and the wind blows it back towards goal. Goalkeeper gets a touch on it but fails to stop the ball entering the net. Can we apply the advantage and give the goal, or does it need to hit another player?
  7. bester

    VAR - Ajax vs Real Madrid

  8. bester

    Star Sixes Sky Sports

    Doesn’t seem to have the buzz the masters tournament used to have. Two referees one each side, haven’t seen either break out into an amble yet. Looks like the officials have been picked out of the crowd.
  9. bester

    Livingston vs Rangers

    Rangers’ fans throwing something at the head of the assistant referee drawing blood. Quick physio treatment, and they carry on. No stewards moving into area, didn’t appear to be any tannoy announcement. At a minimum that section of fans should be emptied if the culprit isn’t given up.
  10. bester

    Liverpool vs Chelsea VAR

    VAR line showing Barclay was offside, goal given anyway. Communication needs improving. Thought Sturridge was very close to being off, and didn’t really get a replay of it.
  11. bester

    IFAB Twitter Q&A

  12. bester

    Solanke Handball

    Ball rebounds off Solanke's torso onto his arm and goes into the goal. Paul Tierney probably on the advice of his assistant awards a DFK for handball but doesn't caution Solanke. Personally didn't think it met the criteria for deliberate handling but was probably been disallowed on 'spirit of...