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    Get the first foul

    As soon as he’s missed the foul, things seem to go downhill. BUT they don’t need to. The use of a yellow and/or a red as soon as players get in the way en route to VAR should calm things.
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    Brentford V Swansea

    I’m genuinely curious how you think it’s ‘definitely’ not a red card.
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    Goalkeeper handball DOGSO (inside penalty area)?

    Anyone watching the Chelsea game...
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    A funny incident, what would you do ?

    Speaks volumes? Referees are there to referee the game - not create TV moments.
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    U14s swearing

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    England vs Canada

    That was about as onside as you’ll see. Definitely play on.
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    Burnley v Newcastle

    But is it not the defender’s ball? Even as a Newcastle fan - defenders can’t be expected to not go for a ball in case someone tries to head it.
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    Do we accept a confession of guilt?

    What if rather than ‘ninny’ it was something racist - are you willing to send one player off and not the other?
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    Sunderland - Oxford

    I don't disagree. If that was the sole issue then I'd be onboard but the duty of care is a red herring for me. Also, if it had come to nothing we wouldn't be talking about it. How often are 'slow' free kicks taken from the wrong place around the half-way line.
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    Sunderland - Oxford

    On the other hand (even as a Newcastle fan), safe playing says not to foul the player and stand back up afterwards.
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    I've got no problem with either. Unlike the goalkeeper coming off his line, the taker has chosen to take his very average penalty with he GK doing that. And as for the second (yes, he should have stopped play) but 1) he wasn't kicked in the head as the foot made no contact with the head and 2)...
  12. J

    Back pass.

    The LOTG don’t say that. It has to be deliberately kicked to the GK - not just deliberately kicked and the GK gets it,
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    Everton v Man City

    The difference being, the below isn't part of the definition of dangerous play: preventing an opponent from playing or being able to play the ball by clearly obstructing the opponent’s line of vision
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    LOTG quiz questions for U8s team

    ‘Explain the handball law.’
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    Kane "cute". One word for it.

    I was wondering how long it would take for ‘players cheat because the referees make them’ to come up 💤😴
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    Dutch Referee Blog - Week 22 Laws of the Game Quiz 2020-2021

    the end result is irrelevant - if both players encroach it’s a retake.
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    Kane "cute". One word for it.

    Why are we discussing this? It’s an absolutely stonewall penalty.
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    Brentford vs Forest

    I’ve seen it four times from four angles in slow-mo and can’t decide - no problem at all with the referee not blowing for that! Frankly I’m not even convinced it’s a yellow card (if it was out of the PA) - the ball as you say is more likely to go out than to the attacker’s feet so SPA is doubtful.
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    Everton v Man City

    Nothing irritates me more than a referee putting his arm(s) up, shouting ‘advantage’ because of how proud of himself he is and then having to blow the whistle because no one has had a chance to collect the loose ball. It just looks like an inability to read the game to me.
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    Everton v Man City

    It’s not late. It’s very sensible to me that a referee waits to see if there’s an advantage before signaling.