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  1. zarathustra

    Dislocated Knee

    So I managed to dislocate my knee rolling over in bed this morning, and am currently stuck waiting for an ambulance. I know it depends on whether tendons have been damaged or there are any other issues but does anyone know a rough sort of time frame for recovery from this sort of injury?
  2. zarathustra

    Replacement GPS Watch

    I currently rock a Polar V800, but it's getting on a bit now, and my work have given me a bonus so I am looking at getting a replacement. Ive been eying up the Polar Vantage series, but I'm not adverse to making the move to Garmin or another company. Can anyone recommend any other makes/models...
  3. zarathustra

    VAR forum

    @Ross can we have a separate forum for people to cry about VAR? Every week it the same old suspects making the same old posts whinging about VAR instead of discussing incidents etc.
  4. zarathustra

    Shorts with pockets

    I'm friends with the coach of a local Sunday league team on faceache (used to train with them before I took up the whistle). Earlier to day he was having a whinge about something that he said happened this weekend. Apparently the referee allowed a player to play the full 90 minutes with an...
  5. zarathustra

    Taking a break

    I had been intending to start my season in October, but have had to take the decision to take a break for the season. Just got too much on, 4 month old baby, full time employment and starting a degree with the OU meant something had to give, and in this case refereeing comes bottom of the pile...
  6. zarathustra

    Postponing a game due to the temperature

    A hypothetical question. As referees our primary concern is the safety of the players, this means that sometimes games will be postponed due to frozen or water logged pitches etc. However, what do we do when it comes to extremes of temperature? Where I live it's possible the temperature could...
  7. zarathustra

    Pre season training

    So I'm going for my level 5 again this season (third time's the charm) although didn't get any games in before the end of last season due to injury. Does anyone have any links to decent fitness training plans? I can go running, swimming, to the gym etc but my training normally lacks structure...
  8. zarathustra

    Cards for match officials

    So next season I understand that we will be able to give yellow and red cards to team officials i.e. coaches etc, or if we can't identify the offender then the coach gets it on their behalf. I think this is a good idea in that it formalises the ask tell remove approach, ask them to be quiet, if...
  9. zarathustra

    New kit suggestions

    So it's been a few years since I updated my refereeing kit, and it's starting to look a bit tired and old, so I was thinking of investing in some new kit for next season. However, I'm not too keen on spending top dollar on Nike, but those are the only kits I've used. Does anyone have any...
  10. zarathustra

    Sin bins

    So, sin bins are coming in for grass roots across the country next season. Do those of you who have been using them for a while have any tips for those of us will be using then for the first time? Obvious the application of the law is the same but, things like the best way to record who is or...
  11. zarathustra

    Open Age Waterlogged pitch

    So called my game off this morning, the middle third was mostly borderline but with several area which weren't playable. This combined with the forecast of rain up until 2pm I made the decision to postpone the game. Home team weren't happy (teams never are) but the away team proceeded to call...
  12. zarathustra

    Open Age First Men's Game Back

    So this morning I had my first Men's game back after injury. It was a cup match, teams were 1 division apart, with the home team being the lower of the two. Not a massive amount happened, away team went down to 10 men after there number 11 was fouled and he decided to get in the offender's...
  13. zarathustra

    Whatever happened to the You Are The Ref Website

    I used to enjoy flicking through the you are the ref on my lunch break. It had some interesting articles on various happenings in refereeing etc, but it seems to have disappeared. Does anyone know what happened to it?
  14. zarathustra

    Another Promotion Season Another Disappointment

    Last promotion season I had to pull out due to a severe calf pull/tear. Last week I pulled out of the current promotion season due to a hamstring pull. I should be getting discharged by the physio tomorrow, but, I’ve planned for the remainder of November and all of December for training and to...
  15. zarathustra

    Have the laws around videos/photos changed?

    But of a random one. Today’s home team were filming the match, away coach had a whinge, I said that legally as we are on a council pitch/public land they don’t need permission etc to film. Which, as far as I am aware, is correct. However, it is apparently one of the many things they are...
  16. zarathustra

    Open Age Time to get back in the saddle

    So, I had to call an end to last season around February due to injuries which had also seen me pull out of the last promotion season in October. This Saturday will be my first game since then, wedding and honeymoon ruled out any pre-season games). I’m still coming back from injury, but it’s...
  17. zarathustra

    Managing Drop Ball

    So, the League 1 season kicked off yesterday, and that meant I was on my way from Gillingham to Accrington Stanley ( who the heck are they?). The majority of the game was fine and I think the team of officials did well. However in the second half play was stopped on the halfway line just in...
  18. zarathustra

    Arcing your run

    Howdy, I had an observation for 6-5 on Sunday and while I’m still waiting for the written report, I think it’s going to be a standard expected, unless the write up is totally different to the debrief. Anyway, I didn’t have a great deal to do, aside from 2 cautions, but it was one of those...
  19. zarathustra

    Promotion 18/19

    It’s that time of the year again, and we’re a week or so into the new promotion season. I thought I’d start a new thread for those of us going for promotion to his season. I’m going 6-5 again after having to pull out of the last promotion scheme due to injury. I already have 2 observations...
  20. zarathustra

    Phil Neville England Ladies Coach

    So Gary Neville was appointed as the new coach of the England Ladies team. For me this could be a good appointment, he has played at the highest level, and he has been first team coach at Manchester United, caretaker at Salford City (doesn't really count), and assistant manager during an...