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  1. haywain

    Well done, Shrimpers!

    ......see you in div 1 :(
  2. haywain

    5 red cards in five minutes
  3. haywain

    Craig Langton one of us :(
  4. haywain

    Jimmy Greaves

    sad news reminded me of this photo of him having a fag in the changing room apparently he said that Sir Alf Ramsey's best ever half time team talk included 'put your fag out, Jimmy'
  5. haywain

    Referee / Manager

    Have volunteered to manage an u18's team next season if accepted, will aim to juggle refereeing and managing anybody else ever combined these roles?
  6. haywain

    blue ruin

    Was in a daily telegraph list of 80 best films on netflix Low budget, indie film Well worth a viewing, imho (Not about Man City's season by the way)
  7. haywain

    Junior/Youth Things you shouldn't hear in football

    From a referee secretary today 'I have a possible contentious U13's on Saturday, would you like to cover this please?'
  8. haywain

    Oh, dear 2.....Balotelli 'offside'

    perhaps, because of the stadium noise, the assistant seems to spend a split second too much time watching the pass rather than watching the offside line, perhaps.....
  9. haywain

    Oh, dear... Inverness v Celtic

    So wrong....:eek::confused::oops: better footage showing position of referee and assistant referee, too
  10. haywain

    Going for a Burton....

    ...sadly, that will be Blackpool's fate next season Well done, Burton and Jimmy Floyd, you must be a very happy bunny this morning, Mr Prescott :)
  11. haywain

    it would be fun....

    ... if registering on the whole game included a section where referees had to say which lotg they would be ignoring in the upcoming season, methinks
  12. haywain

    villa v west brom

    interesting, given recent debates on here, that we had two footed 'lunges', simulation, coming back from an offside position, match control well as a pitch invasion and grealish seemingly not wearing shin pads to boot quite enjoyed it
  13. haywain

    Good luck, too.... all those who have just completed their promo year Don't forget to get those completed promo sheets in ;)
  14. haywain

    o.k. it's the mail online but....... sigh!
  15. haywain

    f.a. people's cup

    Leaving shortly for croydon Started out as a dad taxi but have somehow ended up as goalkeeper Kids convinced that they are going to wemberley, I'm telling them they're gonna get thrashed off the park I'm 56 for goodness sake!! Watch this space P.s. anyone got a copy of the lotg for ssf ;)
  16. haywain

    So, what does Refchat teach us?

    1) that there are almost as many opinions as there are referees 2) that it's a damn sight easier to referee a game on here than it is on grass / 3g whatever 3) that two (or more) heads are usually better than one 4) .........
  17. haywain


    mark clattenburg been having fun again, this time in switzerland disallowed goal - initially given
  18. haywain

    waking the dead...

    ...ooooh, Capnbloodbeard, you are going to be in such trouble, me hearty! ;)
  19. haywain

    penalty shoot-out, goalkeeping heroics

    not the AFCON final but hopefully you'll find it just as entertaining
  20. haywain

    Wanted - 46 minutes...

    ...of my life back spent watching the first half of the AFCON final