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  1. wazztie16

    Ex pro players in your league.

    Anyone with ex pros playing in the leagues they ref in? I've got 1 in my Saturday afternoon league, noticed his name last season, didn't get to ref him, i asked to be taken off the line I should've been on (for personal reasons) before I noticed he played for that team. As far as I'm aware as...
  2. wazztie16

    Benevento vs Roma

    Second yellow card for Glik in the 57th minute, having been booked in the first half, but the ref plays advantage on the second yellow before coming back. Mistake by the ref, or have I missed something? As I only thought you could play advantage on a red on a clear goalscoring opportunity type...
  3. wazztie16

    Watford vs Derby

    1:42 onwards. Foul on keeper. It's caused some debate on a forum I frequent. Thoughts?
  4. wazztie16

    Palmers FC YouTube

    3 incidents I've got to on this video so far, not seen the whole way through. Tackle on 9:20 - out of control, dangerous, excessive etc? What looks like a good tackle on 10:05, but there's a jump onto player that's not obvious to the referee. Keeper on 10:28 - reckless? Thoughts.
  5. wazztie16

    Double scissor kick ... Insane!
  6. wazztie16

    Difficult match

    I'd like your thoughts on one incident in my match yesterday, well I say in my match, it happened after the final whistle but whilst I was still on the field of play, in the centre, waiting for anyone who dared come near me (after I'd dished out 4 yellows). Away team not happy with my...
  7. wazztie16

    Bizarre yellow card

    I present you the local rag as Sky Sports don't have the incident in their highlights, but essentially, Derby player gets a YC at the very start of the second half. I reckon its for Entering the FOP without permission, there's obviously more info in the link. If I find a clip later I'll post...
  8. wazztie16

    Attempt to trip .

    I nearly gave a FK last weekend for attempt to trip, it was an obvious go at the attacker as he took the ball away from the opposition player, but played the advantage for the attacker as he got into a very good attacking position. Anyone given a FK for that sort of thing? It would've been...
  9. wazztie16

    Bizarre things you notice from matches

    Had a line yesterday, OA Premier Division. I didn't give a single offside. Yes, I was paying attention, there were just no offsides for me. Opposite AR had about 5/6 all game I think. It just surprised me. Anyone else have anything bizarre like that ever happen?
  10. wazztie16

    Northampton vs Derby NO RED CARD

    Start at 1:13. Your thoughts?
  11. wazztie16

    Head injury then a promising attack

    Had a head injury in my last Saturday morning game, thankfully nothing serious, player went down NOT holding his head, I waited a few seconds to see if he'd get back up and as I did, ball was played up the field towards the oppo goal with a striker about to take the ball through for a 1on1...
  12. wazztie16

    Derby vs Cardiff

    1:07 onwards in the video, should it have been a penalty? Judge on real time, then on replay. Reason for thread is having an argument with a Forest fan who says no pen.
  13. wazztie16

    Orlando vs LAFC

    Just watched an LAFC player taking a corner, the ball was inches on the corner arc, player was told to move it further in by the referee so moved it about another 2 inches by rolling it towards him. Can anyone explain to me what reason(s) players are thinking of to be putting the ball as far...
  14. wazztie16

    Refereeing is starting to make my brain hurt .

    Bring brutally honest, I'm not looking forward to the new season. It'll be my first full season, the new laws, the discussions I'm reading on this forum, it's making my brain hurt. I just hope my thoughts change later this month. I've asked to start with a few lines anyway to hopefully...
  15. wazztie16

    Confusing players

    Ball goes towards goal line, looks like its going for a goal kick. As it gets nearer and nearer, I put my arm out and shout goal kick, and turn to head towards the centre circle. Unbeknownst to me, the ball has been kept in play, and is off up to the side line. By which point players start...
  16. wazztie16

    First Cup Match Tomorrow Morning

    Under 16, QF. Dreading it. Any advice? First u16 in the middle, first cup in my relatively short career.
  17. wazztie16

    Feel like such a berk.

    Blew for full time 10 minutes early in my match yest, 35 minutes each way. Did wonder why every other pitch was still playing, and I was getting some bemused looks. Until I was told what I'd done. It transpired I'd added 25 minutes onto the start of the second half rather than 35,in my...
  18. wazztie16

    Course starting soon .

    Hi everyone. Newbie here (Adam), just booked a course to become a referee. Excited, nervous, looking forward to it, I won't ask any questions (yet) as I'm still going through the forum, but it's a big help reading what I've read so far. Here's to my course starting Sunday, just managed to...