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  1. ChasObserverRefDeveloper

    Talking to irate managers U12

    My educated guess is that Graeme meant "Get rid of him" as in "Remove him"; the Sin Bin does not apply to managers. "Bin him" pre-dates the sin bin😐
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    Playing advantage to a team winning late on.

    Whether or not to play advantage is based on the immediate situation - did they have an attacking opportunity by you doing so? If "yes", the advantage is the correct option. The exception is that some teams will ask in advance that you keep advantage for them to a minimum, as they prefer the...
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    Soton - Leicester

    Keith Hackett explained in his column this week that the referee was correct to send off, as it denied a clear goalscoring opportunity, was a careless tackle, and was serious foul play🤔 I guess Mr Hackett was not on the panel.
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    Talking to irate managers U12

    Absolutely right - that's why I pointed out the approach is different for youth coaches/youth football. Horses for courses, and whatever works for the individual.
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    Cautionable Offenses

    Because those are offences committed on the field of play, and the substitutes/ players who have been substituted are not on the field of play.
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    Talking to irate managers U12

    Next time it happens try the use of a semi-public word with the offending coach as soon as the ball next goes out of play. Tell them that you will referee, he will coach, and let's let the players enjoy their game. That sets out the situation for all to see/hear, and if he continues then it is...
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    Law 12 - DOGSO Handball

    Yes, sent off unless it is an attempt to play the ball inside the penalty area which becomes a foul, in which case the offender is cautioned.
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    Restart with a throw in/goal kick/corner as appropriate (for the opponent's of the player who played it last)
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    Law 12

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    MLS Inside Video Review

    Some good examples of VAR working well
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    Offences and Sanctions for Offside

    One example I had as an Observer in a senior game . . . Reds defender and Whites attacker chased the ball to the Reds' goal line, near the corner flag. Whites attacker centred the ball just before he and the defender crossed the goal line and ended up hitting the barrier. Another attacker...
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    MLS Inside Video Review

    Really interesting to see and hear the processes.
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    Matches in summer

    The FA rules prohibit football in June each year, with the exception of some short-sided (e. g. 5-a-side tournaments) so make sure you only referee in games authorised and sanctioned by your County FA.
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    Courses are starting to restart and I'm still not sure...

    The course is moving to online, and the renewal is already online, as you said.
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    Seville stopped watch

    That was reported but not logical(?)
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    Courses are starting to restart and I'm still not sure...

    This (DOE scheme) used to be a problem for tutors and Appointments Officers, but is far less of an issue now the course elements have changed to incorporate refereeing a number of games, and course fees have increased in England. The CFA's now have a responsibility to appoint course members to...
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    Dutch Referee Blog - Week 27 Laws of the Game Quiz 2020-2021

    I went the same way as you, as the covering player was approaching fast . . . either card is easy to defend.
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    One of those games

    One reason for post-match payment is the risk of a match fee being left in a changing room or pitch side bag while the game goes on. Sadly there are dishonest folks around. Carrying the match fee on the field of play whilst refereeing is of course a problem, especially as coins often make up...
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    Pre-Match Chat

    Have a look at the Hampshire FA website under the Referees tab, where there is a guide for this.
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    A few things

    ... and a caution for leaving without the referee's permission . . . and a debate on here about whether the injured player is treated as being on the field of play . . . 😁