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    Manchester City v PSG

    I've said before, I have no hesitation in giving back with interest to players who are having a go at me, something that I've probably done more than I should do as I got older and more confident. Generally I find that the players are OK with it and it actually calms things down, but it is...
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    Soton - Leicester

    It isn't to do with them using the wrong terminology, but rather they look at it as a player would rather than a match official would. Which is understandable as they have had absolutely no training on the LOTG, and we know that the majority of players and managers are clueless when it comes to...
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    Soton - Leicester

    Appeal board decisions are always a lottery. 66.666% of the panel have no understanding of, or at least no qualification of, the Laws of the Game, so it shouldn't be a surprise that random decisions are made.
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    Junior/Youth "You must've taken a big bribe, ref"

    My experience of professional academies, especially at the younger age groups, is that you will struggle to see or hear anything that even comes close to a caution. At the older age groups I don't think they have any problems with cautions or even sendings off, after all U16 players could get...
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    Talking to irate managers U12

    My approach is I will happily explain anything in terms of laws, but if they then keep arguing the conversation ends there, perhaps with me having the final say. Similar happened last week, I played advantage from SPA and the attacking team were spitting feathers that the defender hadn't been...
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    Val vs Bar

    The key word here in DOGSO is obvious. The ball hasn't even got to the forward, so I don't think this incident can really meet the requirements for DOGSO.
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    Tottenham v Sheffield United

    Look at it in real time, before he has even fully carried out the damage Fleck is looking over in the direction of the referee. I have no doubt whatsoever that this was an intentional act.
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    Posh v Lincoln

    Oops, that looks like a very costly mistake to me.
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    Let me get this right. You emailed them team to tell them you made a mistake but also told them you are not sorry about it?
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    Soton - Leicester

    Its a clear red card, potentially for two reasons. Yes, Vestergaard plays the ball but then immediately wipes Vardy out, this being on the edge of the area with no defender in sight. My immediate reaction was red for DOGSO, and I wasn't at all surprised when Rob Jones got the red out. Then...
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    Is it time these are red cards?

    I have a very low bar for this, and have sent players off when the ball isn't even close to being playable and they have hacked the opponent down. My logic here is that kicking an opponent with no attempt whatsoever to play the ball is excessive force, on the basis that any force can only be...
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    Carabao Cup Final 2021

    OK, you asked for this. I am completely neutral when it comes to the Premier League, given I support a Championship team that are about to drop into League 1. I watch a lot of PL football, pretty much if there is a game on I will watch it. The worst team by an absolute country mile for...
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    Matches in summer

    This is a (hopefully) unique season. Leagues are allowed to extend into June, which is normally a banned month for 11-a-side football. I don't think that exception would extend to other competitions playing in June though, so you really would need to contact your CFA.
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    West Ham vs Chelsea

    A decision being overturned doesn't necessarily mean it was incorrect. The panel is made up of two ex players or managers and one ex referee, this one was always going to be overturned as no player or manager is going to see it as a red card, as we have seen from media and pundit reaction. I...
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    Courses are starting to restart and I'm still not sure...

    Don't worry, it will be a wide range of age groups, you won't even necessarily be the oldest.
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    Leicester v Crystal Palace

    I've watched the replays you have referred to and I still can't see any clear evidence it hit the hand.
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    Leicester v Crystal Palace

    And me, I can't see any clear evidence that it touched Iheanacho's hand. Also he didn't score directly from it, he then controlled it and passed it back to the goal scorer.
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    Liverpool V Newcastle

    Yeah, but a bit of a pointless debate on a thread about a specific incident. As referees we can only operate to the current laws, and under those laws this was one of the easiest disallowed goals you are ever likely to see.
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    Sunscreen Fail

    Yep, many a game I've blamed my shocking decisions on sun block having got in my eyes. I found a cure though, or rather a prevention, a thin layer of Vaseline on the eyebrows stops sweat, and therefore the sun block, from reaching the eyes.
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    Seville stopped watch

    Either the 4th official has goofed and put an extra minute on the board, or the referee has forgot what he told him to put up. A bit embarrassing, but not the end of the world and both clubs accepted it gracefully it appears.