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    Grass Roots Season Curtailment (?)

    Yep, think you're right, problem is HOW we 'live with it' - everyone's views on that vary enormously!
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    Hand Ball - Grrr

    As I've said before, just address any complaints with a shrug of the shoulders and say "Sorry mate, new handball law";)
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    Grass Roots Season Curtailment (?)

    and some more 'cheeriness' for the attending fans amongst us. At a recent QPR fans forum, CEO was asked about Season Tickets for next season. He replied that without specific guidance from the government, he wasn't prepared to release prices etc as he had no idea how many fans would be allowed...
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    Junior/Youth One of "those" games

    Excellent further advice, thanks.
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    Grass Roots Season Curtailment (?)

    One thing I've learnt in the last 13 months is NEVER try to predict what's coming next!;)
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    Assistant Referee tips and advice

    Excellent - see, not as difficult as you thought!:p Seriously, not surprisingly, its just like refereeing. 2 or 3 offsides you miss and a couple of fouls the benches want and it can be just as difficult as being out in the middle on another day. Glad you enjoyed it.
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    Junior/Youth One of "those" games

    Excellent advice in your penultimate paragraph. On one of the RA Zoom sessions and EFL referee said exactly the same!
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    England vs Canada

    What football expects? No one appealed?:p
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    Time Wasting

    Have to agree with Ladbroke, its endemic in the Championship now. Its not just time wasting in that sense either, players delay the restart so their team can get set. A quick fk has become an impossibility now. It's used as the norm now. Recent game (Championship), player picks up the ball...
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    WBA vs Southampton

    Agree 100%, but isn't the wider point, which I and others have made numerous times, that ANY system, even GLT (Once!) can fail. Therefore, chasing the dream, of never having a wrong decision, is futile. Of course the obvious argument is, are the 'wrong' decisions acceptable in pursuit of more...
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    Rebecca Welch

    OK, point taken but even taking that on board and ignoring the usually excellent! Big Cats comment about 'ignoring' history, so we've gone from zero to in 50 years! Surely that has to be worthy of comment/discussion and means there is room for a slight! improvement in terms of...
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    Rebecca Welch

    I don't even know what 'woke' means, quite a compliment at my age being labelled as such. Its not a valid question, to ask why football doesn't reflect the rest of society more closely?
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    Rebecca Welch

    If the national body bans a specific gender from playing for 50 years, you don't think that has any effect on women wanting to become referees????!!!!!!!
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    Rebecca Welch

    They banned womens clubs from using any professional grounds and stripped womens clubs of any official recognition from 1921 to 1971 - Fifty years! and it has nothing to do with the FA?!!!! Come on!
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    Rebecca Welch

    So we'll gloss over the fact that the FA actually effectively banned women from playing football during that time then?:rolleyes:
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    Rebecca Welch

    Not seen anything on here, so well done to her on becoming first female to ref in the EFL. As the Racing Post says today, it only took 200,000 games and 140 years! When put like that, it really is shockingly bad.
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    Referees World Podcast - Effects of referee decisions in empty stadiums

    Interestingly Geoff Eltringham (EFL SG2 referee) did sort of admit that it DID have an effect. His reasoning was at that level, you need to 'manage the event', so what you don't do is give the first say, 5 decisions all to the away team, because, crowd noise goes up and your 'management' of...
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    Offside vs onside

    It is not an offence to be in an offside position. I've said it before, but I want this emblazoned in every dressing room and TV studio and newspaper office - would make our lives a lot easier!
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    You Are The Ref! - Again!

    For clarity, the illustration accompanying the question, clearly shows that the ball would have hit defender's chest if he hadn't pulled his shirt out in front of him. Typical example of a Hackett question that has as much chance of happening in real life as I have of watching the Rs in the...