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    Log an extraordinary incident report?

    U15 league cup quarter final, white v red, a pretty average game and it’s 2 nil reds. 60th min and I call a foul on reds, the offender has a winge and I tell him it’s an easy foul to give (clearly two hands on the oppo shoulders stopping him jumping for the ball) he says it’s only easy to give...
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    Incorrect player names

    I reffed an U18 game today and dished out 2 Sin bin yellows and a yellow for SPA all for away team. I took the three names given to me but only after the match did I realise 2 of the names given aren’t on the team sheet I was given (Unusually I was given a team sheet) Would you 1, contact the...
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    Ref for U18 game

    A question pls chaps Can an 18 year old ref take a middle in a league game involving an U18 team in grass roots youth football? I’m thinking at 18 the ref is considered an adult but normally in youth football the ref has to be at least a year older than the age group he’s officiating over 🤔
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    Taking dissent YC for the team?

    Had a situation this morning where U18s Oranges didn’t like a foul I gave against them, three Oranges stood behind me when one of them proclaims “they’re playing with 12 men” I turn round and say to their captain (one of the three) who said that? He denies saying anything and by this time the...
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    Reffing games involving family

    What are people’s thoughts/experience on reffing games where a family member is playing? I’ve been my Son’s coach for 12 years of youth football and this year he’s starting His final youth season in the U18s. I’ve stepped down as coach so I can ref more games as the club is desperately short of...
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    Not so friendly friendly

    Could use some advice pls all, Turned up to watch my sons U16s team play a pre season away friendly (Div 3 vs Div 2) The ref was a no show so I reluctantly agreed to do it (had my kit bag in car). Although I’ve always thought reffing a game with your kids in is not ideal we pressed on. Away...
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    Misconduct report outcomes

    I submitted 3 x misconduct reports all from a single game back in Nov via WGS, I noticed in my upcoming appointments that I’ll be meeting this same U13 youth team again shortly so I thought I’d contact county FA to see what the outcome was. These reports were the only ones I’ve submitted so far...
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    “Ref he’s a health and safety risk to me!”

    U13’s today and during a break in play red player jogs past me and I hear his laces flapping - both boots undone. I suggest he does them up and he says no thanks, i then ask him if he wants to trip himself up and he says he’s not bothered. Blue player hearing this says “he’s a health and safety...
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    Max match day squad size

    I have an U18 match appointment on Saturday and the home team have advised me that the away team intend to bring 18 players to the game. Our league rules state a max of 5 returning subs can be used. As a ref in this youth league we don’t get involved with checking team sheets/eligible players...
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    Correct restart?

    Thoughts on this pls all, Had an U16 game today, corner taken and I’m lurking towards the back end of the goal area, ball gets nodded down and a player from each team launch themselves at it which causes the ball to squirt out at an odd angle with pace hitting me clean in the chest and out over...
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    Advice please

    Sunday’s Game. U14s 15 mins in and a big shout from Away team for a PK I didn’t give it, play on, away teams 3 coaches go mental and carry on with some verbals, “you don’t know what your doing” “he’s a home ref” blah blah blah. Then one drops the F bomb “you shouldn’t be on the pitch”...
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    Should he have gone

    Still doing my qualifying games as trainee ref before my exam but think I had a brain fart today Red v Yellow U14s Div3 both teams unbeaten so far this season so a keenly contested game, red dink the ball over the top and the strikers away after the ball straight down the middle on a break...
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    Let’s see what happens

    Took charge of my 7th game on sat, U7s with 10 min quarters, away team score early with their first shot of the game, fairly uneventful game and we’re into the last quarter still 0-1, I’m getting ready to blow for full time when home team get on the break, watch says 10 mins 30 secs, I’m...
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    To move or not to move?

    Hi All, just done only my 5th match this morning and twice found myself unexpectedly too close to play. First time a rebounded pass meant I had a player running straight at me with the ball so I moved left to get out of his way, sadly he did same and ran straight into me! Then later on similar...