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    Touchline- Non Electronic

    Hi Don't suppose anyone knows anywhere that has the Non Electronic Touchline Flags that I can buy? Thanks
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    What got you into refereeing?

    I'll start So as most, if not all referees have played football at some point within their life. When i was younger, I did play for a local side which at the time were National League North but had a massive junior section at the younger levels such as U7, U8 etc but as the age got higher the...
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    What Level?

    Hi Was just curious as to what levels these officials would be as it's a semi pro team vs a professional team. Both teams are from Birkenhead Cammell Laird in the North West Counties Div One South and Tranmere were in the Conference at the time. What level would the referee and the assistants...
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    PGMOL Match Replication Session

    Hi, was sent this to do so i could remain fit during the current situation. Anyone reccomened any other sort of sessions I could do which is ideally pitch based as I have one about a minute away? Thanks
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    U16 District Cup Semi Final Appointment

    Got an Email this morning saying I had been appointed as an AR for one of the semi finals for the U16 District Cup in February. First of all, I am really surprised of this appointment as I'm 16 myself and first season. Would the District Referee Sec see what leagues I officiate on? I do AR on...
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    Promotion- Does Male or Female matches affect your pathway later on

    Hi, was looking at my County's promotion scheme and it says for L5-4 and others such as L7-6 (Taken the L5-4 as an example) Refereed a minimum of 20 adult male/female matches in total during the period 1st March 2019 – 30th April 2020. Under 18 football may be included but must not constitute...
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    Thinking of Promotion next season

    Hi, so my idea of next season is to go for L6 when I'm 17 (Yes I will be learning to drive and yes that is very young) because I feel confident. I've been an assistant on a local adult league and a U18 league with the games going well. I also came to the agreement with the NWCFL referee sec that...
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    Hoping to do my first AR game soon

    I did make a post about 2 months ago saying I had my first AR game but later pulled out due to low confidence due to the age (16) so since then I have been doing Youth games but the higher ages since I didn't wanna really spend time with U11 and U12. I would like to think I'm more confident and...
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    Pre Match Prep

    Should've made a thread with the equipment and this but oh well, just some basic quesions Game is a supply league fixture; What time should i arrive? An hour? an hour and a half? What clothing should i wear going to the ground? Would a standard jacket, t shirt and track bottoms do? Will the...
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    First Game on the Line next Saturday

    Hi, have my first game as a liner soon. I have everything prepared in terms of kit. Do i bring everything like my whistle, yellow and red cards, notebook and especially my own flags?
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    Pre-Course info

    Sorry if this seem like a stupid question, but does anyone know when the county FA sends the pre-course packs or whatever is actually sent and when does this usually happen? Aswell, on the first day of the course do i need to take anything that proves who i am? Passport photo, FA Number? Thanks
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    Bit of a situation here, have no idea what to do

    So recently I have been accepted onto a course in the summer, I paid the money that was asked but the payment seems to have not gone through and the payment has been taken off my app as a whole. Feel like I've just wasted the money for something I'm probably not doing anymore. Can anyone message...
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    Open Age Being an AR at 16?

    Would a Saturday league be likely to accept a 16 year old to get linesman experience while refereeing a youth league? So if I done the Line on a Saturday then refereed a youth game on the Sunday, would they be okay with that?
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    So i am positively sure I'll be doing a referee course if it is done around my local area. But because of my age, I'll be a level 8 once completion of the course. Do i automatically become a L7 once i reach 16 in a few months or would i have to contact the RDO of the county to make that step up...