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  1. Degnann

    WBA vs BRI

    Lewis Dunk has said he asked Mason if he could take the freekick, he said yes and blew the whistle. It does seem hes then realised the keeper wasn’t ready when this obviously should have been checked before the whistle
  2. Degnann

    WBA vs BRI

    for the first whistle, did he accidentally blow it? not ideal at all
  3. Degnann

    Match Fees

    I’ve been told up here its expenses up here not earnings. dont know anyone who declares it. Lower level 40 quids that is.
  4. Degnann

    Real Madrid vs Atalanta

    Referees are the sith lords of football
  5. Degnann

    Real Madrid vs Atalanta

    One of my favourite things is players surrounding the ref. I hear they often change their mind when this happens
  6. Degnann


    If he scores, VAR will confirm if it actually hit his arm
  7. Degnann

    Leeds vs S'ton

    This was going to be my question, I take it, current protocol means he can’t?
  8. Degnann

    Dutch Referee Blog - Week 18 Laws of the Game Quiz 2020-2021

    5/5 but I’d be surprised if i got this right in an actual game. I wonder what a team would prefer, a pen and yellow or a red and idfk 🤔
  9. Degnann

    Benevento vs Roma

    Seems like a good advantage to me as the ball is near the box. here is the thing thats missed though. Glik is the one that clears it so it should be an IDFK in the box.
  10. Degnann

    Ref blocks a shot!

    That would be a dropped ball.
  11. Degnann

    Ref blocks a shot!

    Couldn’t see anything in law 8. Law 9 does specify staying in play however. Wasn’t aware of that myself, assumed this would be a dropped ball
  12. Degnann

    Ref blocks a shot!

  13. Degnann

    Game in Australia

    God, I miss refereeing
  14. Degnann

    Are we not bothering with foul throws?

    His feet are on the ground when the ball is released from his hands though
  15. Degnann

    Are we not bothering with foul throws?

    Whats wrong with it?
  16. Degnann

    West Ham V Spurs - blood

    Regulion had 2/3 fouls before the booking so no doubt was for persistent. was surprised myself the game wasn’t stopped with the clash. I was thinking Pawson never saw it was a clash of heads cause I’m if remember correctly play was stopped when the ball was at the half way line.
  17. Degnann

    Best watch

    I use an apple watch just now with refsix but be lucky if the battery would last 2 games. Probably should look at getting something specific for refereeing
  18. Degnann

    Rather unusual for this level

    Oh I’m not wishing. Doesn’t affect me. In Scotland we have the same colours as yourself
  19. Degnann

    Rather unusual for this level

    I’ve never understood why English FA referees can’t wear anything other than black